Canada’s New Carbon Tax – To Save The Planet

On the 191st anniversary of Canada’s worst forest fire, Prime Minister Trudeau is set to introduce a carbon tax, to save the planet and steal thousands of dollars from every Canadian. He hopes to make the climate safe again, like it was in 1825.


1 Oct 1908, Page 1 – Cameron County Press at

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22 Responses to Canada’s New Carbon Tax – To Save The Planet

  1. Neal S says:

    Here something in the “I hope he regrets it” category.

    “Hansen, formerly of NASA, is suing the US government along with 21 youths across the country, including his 18-year-old granddaughter.

    The suit alleges that US leaders are not doing enough to curb climate change and are and failing to protect essential “public trust” resources such as clean air and water, thereby depriving future generations of their constitutional rights to life, liberty and property.”

    Unless either HRC wins, or this suit works its way through the courts before BHO leaves office, I think Hansen will be in trouble. I really hope that Hansen will get what he deserves.

    • Robertv says:

      Liberty and Property ????????

      We are all just tax slaves, guinea pigs and cannon fodder. For big government we are just a number and numbers have no rights.

      • Andy DC says:

        If you follow all that tax money, you will no doubt find that it is going to enrich a few select fat cats and do absolutely nothing about the climate.

        I find it quite ironic that a country that is 80% uninhabitable due to cold would want to fight global warming, even if it were real, which it is not.

        I cannot see why any patriotic Canadian would want to fight global warming, as global warming could make Canada the breadbasket of the world and a great world power.

        These kinds of taxes are just throwing people’s hard earned money down a rat hole, for nothing that will benefit them.

    • Robertv says:

      liberty and property

      Central Banks Need to STOP “HELPING”

  2. Robertv says:

    They would have stolen this money anyway the climate excuse is at the moment the easiest way to do it. Big Government is like a cancer.

  3. Sean says:

    It’s kind of funny, usually “revenue neutral” means the increase in one tax will be offset by a decrease in another tax so the taxpayer comes out even. In this case it just means the carbon taxes will stay in the province as opposed to going to the national government and taxpayers will be out of pocket.

    Trudeau is proposing at $50 per ton tax on carbon by 2022. If you just look at gasoline, that will result in a $.50/gallon tax on each gallon of gasoline purchased. I wonder if anyone put the carbon tax in terms of how much it will increase fuel costs?

    Master Resource has had a series of articles on wind energy in Ontario Canada. Keep in mind that Ontario has a lot of nuclear and hydroelectric so not much carbon to be saved by going to wind. The residents of that province have seen their power prices increase by 85% over the last 6 years. And to add insult to injury, there was a 2.5 cent per KWhr increase this past May because people did not use enough electricity. When will Canadians revolt?

  4. Winnipeg Boy says:

    Canadians did revolt recently, blasted the Conservatives from power to dust. What filled the void has done nothing to change corruption or waste or anything else.
    Politicians are puppets controlled by the real power – money.
    This should be the best and most profitable time to be alive with advances is tech, but we the morons keep electing bigger morons who will eventually regulate us into a world war.
    Almost all countries are in bad shape. EU, US: Canada just playing catch up on the level of stupidity in government. The commies have it worse. We are all doomed.
    I fear for my kids.

    • Manfred Kintop says:

      This is one Canadian who is seriously planning an exit strategy from the country I’ve called home my entire life. The only question is where do I escape this madness?

    • Robertv says:

      In the US happend the same when they voted Obambi in.

      And 4 years later people still did not understand who he is working for.

      • Gail Combs says:

        Robertv, Are you SURE???
        Remember that Obama’s Admin. went after Catherine Engelbrecht of TRUE THE VOTE

        How Widespread is Voter Fraud? | 2012 Facts & Figures

        The government’s response to True The Vote fact finding?

        …..Before 2009, Engelbrecht was not part of the political process, but after volunteering at the polls during Texas elections, she saw instances of fraud and abuse that she didn’t think could go unexposed. Her decision to found her election integrity group would get her multiple visits from a handful of federal government agencies.

        “My life before I spoke out for good government stands in stark contrast to the life I now lead. As a wife, a mother, and small businesswoman working with my husband, raising our children and participating in my church and PTA, the government collected my taxes and left me and my family in peace. But when I helped found and led True the Vote and King Street Patriots, I found myself a target of this federal government,” she said. “Shortly after filing IRS forms to establish 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) tax exempt organizations, an assortment of federal entities including law enforcement agencies and a Congressman from Maryland, Elijah Cummings came knocking at my door. In nearly two decades of running our small business, my husband and I never dealt with any government agency, outside of filing our annual tax returns. We had never been audited, we had never been investigated, but all that changed upon submitting applications for the non profit statuses of True the Vote and King Street Patriots. Since that filing in 2010, my private businesses, my nonprofit organizations, and family have been subjected to more than 15 instances of audit or inquiry by federal agencies.”

        Engelbrecht was audited by the IRS, ATF and received multiple visits by OSHA and ATF.

        “I found myself a target of this federal government,” she said….

        True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht Slams IRS Abuse, Weaponizing of Government

        And she wasn’t seeing things:
        2013 Voting Machine Manufacturer Diebold Charged Over Bribery, Fr@ ud, And “Worldwide Pattern Of Criminal Conduct”

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Let’s celebrate how freely the Canadians and others—including us—did this to themselves.

      Canda (sic) was ranked No. 1 due to 94 percent of its citizens saying they believed they had the freedom to choose the course of their own lives and 92 percent saying there was tolerance for ethnic minorities and immigrants.

      • Gail Combs says:

        Colorado Wellington says: “Let’s celebrate how freely the Canadians and others—including us—did this to themselves.”

        I completely disagree with you on that.

        Americans and Canadians have been subjected to a century long dis-information campaign from our enemies.

        The enemies of the Middle Class grabbed control of:

        Education (John Dewey</a. & George S. Counts)

        Psychology of child rearing (The Hand that Rocked the Cradle: A Critical Analysis of Rockefeller Philanthropic Funding, 1920-1960)

        The MSM J.P. Morgan Interests Buy 25 of America’s Leading Newspapers and Insert Editors – U.S. Congressional Record February 9, 1917 (KGB agents were mostly found in newspapers including recently)

        Entertainment, and even our churches.

        To me it is incredible that the ‘Great Unwashed’ has actually broken free of the wall to wall, birth to grave brain washing from the elite who grabbed control the “transmission belts” of American culture.

        Never forget that after the European Bankers saddled the USA with the FED, they then instigated the Bolshevik Revolution. Congressman McFadden’s Speech before the Attempts on His Life

        From the book Willing Accomplices: How KGB Covert Influence Agents Created Political Correctness and Destroyed America by Kent Clizbe

        My thesis is that the KGB, beginning soon after the Communist takeover of Russia in 1917, implemented massive covert influence operations. Their goal was to destroy the core moral fabric of American society. Taking advantage of the intellectual and philosophical climate of the early 1900s, the Soviet intelligence apparatus began what would now be called in intelligence circles, “a preparation of the battle space” to move the world towards the inevitable dictatorship of the proletariat. Covert operatives realized that America’s greatest strengths were its proud exceptionalism and belief that freedom and liberty were part of man’s divine destiny. Our free society also made us vulnerable to covert operations. KGB case officers and their agents had easy access to a wide range of American society. …

        Harry Hopkins, FDR’s right hand man and head of Lend Lease, gave the Soviets everything they needed for the most part. Communists heavily infiltrated the state dept. if Stalin’s Secret Agents: The Subversion of Roosevelt’s Government by M. Stanton Evans and Herbert Romerstein, is to be believed.

        …The KGB had been quite successful in influencing the Americans already. Alex Gumberg was still working in America, continuing to run the operation that he had begun during the heady days of the Revolution in St. Petersburg.

        Now Dzerzhinsky, and his staff under OMS cover would have directed the German master of influence [Willi Muenzenberg] to concentrate on the American “market.” Gumberg had made heady inroads with the diplomatic, corporate, and legislative targets in the States: he was running Raymond Robins, and was working his contacts to wriggle deeper and deeper into corporate America. [Think Al Gore’s Senior’s buddy Armand Hammer of Occidental Petroleum]

        Lenin’s vision to bring America to its knees required penetration of the wellsprings of its civil identity, the “transmission belts” of American culture….

        • Andy DC says:

          I was a good friend of Harry Hopkins grandson, Sean Hopkins, who was by contrast quite conservative. His dad (Harry Hopkins’ son) took the famous photos at the Yalta conference, when FDR, in poor health and not long before his death, basically gave away the store to Stalin.

          Harry Hopkins, also in poor health, died only a year later in 1946.

          A good case for not having a sickly President like Hillary!

  5. Christopher Korvin says:

    I e-mailed Canadian PM Trudeau asking if he had read a certain book about climate change. One of three I have and have read.Doesn`t matter which…they all say much the same. Just asked.Didn`t preach anything or try to persuade . Just asked whether he had read it,and what he thought about it.Did he think it was just unscientific rubbish, propaganda ,or a welcome contribution to an important scientific debate.or what. Guess the outcome. NO REPLY. What did I expect. There is no evidence that Trudeau has even examined the issue of climate change.The truth is he hasnt time. “Prime Minister is not an entry level job”.It`s a big study,so he goes along with the current fad,craze.religion, propaganda or whatever you want to call the current belief that you can change the climate by imposing a tax. Not impressive.

  6. Mark M says:

    If a carbon (sic) tax can save the planet, why did Australian ExPM Julia Gillard promise not to introduce one?

    • Gail Combs says:

      Is Gillard a politician?
      Is she a PROGRESSIVE politician?

      Then when ever she opens her mouth she lies. It is what they do.

  7. Gabrielle Villecourt says:

    I have not been able to find out if the carbon tax will in a dedicated account or weather the money will be going into general revenue. Also I saw a video and I am sorry to say that now I don’ t know who it was that said the IPCC was getting 80 billions a year some all of the carbon tax it collected. I want to know weather this is true or not. Do all the countries who have signed into the Paris accord have to pay that carbon tax to the IPCC? Has anyone followed the money on the carbon tax?

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