One Million Dollars Says 2017 Won’t Be The Hottest Year Ever

Mark Boslough used to work in the same group as me at Sandia Labs, and seems to like lying about me on Facebook and Twitter – in his official capacity as a government employee.

He predicts Gavin Schmidt will set a new record for data tampering in 2017, and declare 2017 to be the hottest year ever.

$25,000 Says Global Warming Is Real | The Huffington Post

I’m offering him a one million dollar bet that lower troposphere temperatures measured by UAH satellite will not show 2017 to be the hottest year ever.

Over the last ten months, the lower troposphere is cooling at the fastest rate this century, and second fastest on record. Satellites show little or no warming over the past twenty years, but Gavin’s fake temperatures show lots of warming. Boslough is betting that Gavin will ramp up his cheating to spectacular new levels in 2017.

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

Global Satellites: 2016 not Statistically Warmer than 1998 « Roy Spencer, PhD

I doubt that even Gavin Schmidt can cheat enough to make 2017 warmer than 2016 or 1998, particularly since he is unlikely to be in control of NASA’s fake temperature record for the entire year.

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