EPA Fake News Site Still Up

The southwestern US has record or near record snowpack, with much of the region more than 200% of normal.

Basin Snow Water Content Map (SNOTEL)

National Snow Analyses – NOHRSC – The ultimate source for snow information

Contrary to press reports, the EPA still has their fake climate news site up. The EPA of course predicted the exact opposite for southwest snow pack.

Climate Impacts in the Southwest

projections indicate continued declines in snowpack in the Southwest in the future

Climate Impacts in the Southwest | Climate Change Impacts | US EPA

The EPA site also shows some tree kill which occurred during a severe drought 15 years ago at Los Alamos.

I grew up in Los Alamos and was there a few weeks ago. The piñon trees are doing just fine and look almost exactly the same as they did when I was a kid.

Then the fake news EPA web site says :

Fires will likely change the location of forests and other ecosystems

Drought, tree kill and and fire are a normal part the climate in New Mexico. That is why New Mexico is a desert. Fires in the 1890’s created the spectacular Aspen groves which now exist outside of Santa Fe.

Spokane Falls Daily Chronicle – Google News Archive Search

This is what the 1890’s burn area looks like now.

In 1938, the US had a forest fire every three minutes.

01 Feb 1939 – AMERICA’S FOREST FIRE TOLL – Trove

The EPA continues their drivel with this claim about climate change affecting Native Americans.

The southwest is full of abandoned remains of villages where the Native Americans were driven out by decades long droughts.

Why would the Anasazi leave — potentially for good — pueblos it had taken them decades to construct? Scientists have found one possible answer by looking at tree rings (a study called dendrochronology) in the Sand Canyon area. In the period between A.D. 1125 and 1180, very little rain fell in the region. After 1180, rainfall briefly returned to normal. From 1270 to 1274 there was another long drought, followed by another period of normal rainfall. In 1275, yet another drought began. This one lasted 14 years.

Collapse: Chaco Canyon

Native Americans in New Mexico are flourishing, thanks to casinos and golf courses they have built in the desert.

The EPA needs to be dismantled. They are just another part of the Gore/Obama climate scam.

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9 Responses to EPA Fake News Site Still Up

  1. Steve Case says:

    EPA Fake News Site Still Up

    Yep, checked your link out, it’s an epa.gov web page and says

                     “Climate Impacts in the Southwest”

    Sounds like insubordination to me, and a “You’re fired!” response is in order.

    • Steve Case says:

      Yeah Tony – Oh thanks for checking that out, as I failed to do so – Yeah, it’s gonna get real interesting. Have you noticed, President Trump isn’t smiling much? He’s mad as hell, and he’s just the guy to make sure we’re not going to be taking anymore bullshit from the climate mafia.

  2. Steve Case says:

    By the way, last spring we took a free day to visit Los Alamos – did the usual tourist stuff. Was the highlight of our canned tour to Taos which is just a tourist trap in summer.

  3. RAH says:

    They should shove this in the democrats face when they start crying and making their accusations as Trump and Pruitt start cutting this extraconstitutional monster down to a mere shadow of what it has become.

  4. Sunsettommy says:

    Article from TWO days ago,

    Trump White House Orders E.P.A. to Delete Climate-Change Web Page

    “After issuing what are, in effect, gag orders preventing the United States Department of Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency, and their employees from communicating to the public in an official capacity, President Donald Trump’s clampdown on scientific facts that contradict his policies has claimed another victim. The Trump administration has now instructed the E.P.A. to remove a page about climate change from its Web site, Reuters reported Tuesday, confirming the fears of scientists who had spent the past month rushing to archive climate-change data.”


    • neal s says:

      Spin spin spin. As if removing a web page were the same as destroying historical data. As if claims in a web page were indeed scientific facts instead of science fantasy that they actually are.

      Just more lies and hypocrisy from the left.

  5. gregole says:

    The EPA needs to be eliminated from the Federal Government. Environmental regulation needs to be done at the state level.

    “EPA Is Now an Obstacle

    Beginning around 1981, however, radical Leftists realized they could advance their political agenda by taking over the environmental movement and use it to advocate for ever-more draconian regulations on businesses. Environmentalists allowed this take-over to occur because it brought massive funding from liberal foundations, political power, and prestige. [2]

    Politicians realized they could win votes by pandering to the environmental movement, repeating their pseudo-scientific claims, and posing as protectors of nature and the public health. The wind, solar, and ethanol industries saw they could use regulations to handicap competitors or help themselves to public subsidies.

    Today, EPA is a captive of activist and special-interest groups. Its regulations have nothing to do with protecting the environment. Its rules account for nearly half of the $2 trillion annual cost of complying with all national regulations in the United States.”

    • Gail Combs says:

      That department has certainly out lived it’s usefulness.

      Actually all you need is criminal trespass laws ENFORCED.

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