Understanding Democratic Ethics

Democrats say it is unethical for the president to own a private hotel, and they believe the president should be replaced by someone who rented out the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House for $100,000 per night.

26 Feb 1997, Page 1 – Clarion-Ledger

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5 Responses to Understanding Democratic Ethics

  1. RAH says:

    To understand democrat ethics one needs only understand that they have no ethics. The same goes for their press.

    • R Shearer says:

      They preach love trumps hate as a distraction while an accomplice attempts to stab you in the back or at least light your hair on fire.

    • Steve Case says:

      2016 is the first year Wisconsin had voter ID.
      Wisconsin had a low voter turnout in 2016.
      2016 was the first year Wisconsin went for
      a Republican since 1984. People that used
      to vote six or seven times in Wisconsin can
      only vote once now.

      In the nation, the states and districts are
      split roughly 50/50 between those with and
      without voter ID.

      There are 27 states and districts with no
      requirement for voter ID and Hillary Clinton
      won 57% of the popular vote in those.

      There are 29 states and districts that do
      require voter ID and Donald Trump won 54%
      of the popular vote in those.

      Democrats almost unanimously oppose Voter ID.

      Clinton won 51% of the popular vote.

      Trump won 34 of the 50 states and districts
      which accounts for 57% of the electoral votes.

      The rules count electoral votes. The rules
      do not count square miles, counties or the
      popular vote. The campaigns were run with
      the rules in mind. Trump won in accordance
      with the rules.

      President Trump was in the news yesterday
      saying that there were millions of fraudulent
      votes cast in the election. Just about every
      one is trying to be first to denounce and
      debunk that one.

      But you know what? Donald Trump built an
      empire worth billions, and he didn’t do it by
      being wrong about things.

  2. “Neither” party contains more than a handful who know that ethics is a code of values to guide your actions. “Both” entrenched parties clearly use altruism of fake altruism as the standard of ethical value, like Germany and Russia in 1933. These are unimportant sidelines. The GOP and Dem parties posture with offers to violate protected rights (guns, abortion), but only the Dems promised to ban energy, which is not clearly protected by any clause or amendment I can think of except possibly treason. Furthermore, they base their attempts on evident pseudoscience and fraud. THESE are the important issues, not how they dress, etc… This sabotage has been going on for decades too.

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