At The Boulder Ministry Of Truth

The NCAR museum used to have interesting exhibits, but sometime recently they yanked them and replaced them with unmitigated garbage. I haven’t seen this much brainless climate BS since Trenberth debated Judith Curry at CU three years ago.

Don’t fly on airplanes or take vacations

Don’t eat meat

Glaciers never used to calve

pH 8.0 is acidic

Buy a hamburger, raise Earth’s temperature by 10C

The Hayhoe hockey stick

I saved the planet by riding my bicycle up to NCAR

People in -60C Siberia will be comforted by the fact that Gavin thinks they are burning up.

I think NASA makes up most of their data.

Before climate change, people never climbed glaciers

CO2 forms a blanket of stupidity around climate scientists

F–  NCAR fails. What are they smoking up there?

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