At The Boulder Ministry Of Truth

The NCAR museum used to have interesting exhibits, but sometime recently they yanked them and replaced them with unmitigated garbage. I haven’t seen this much brainless climate BS since Trenberth debated Judith Curry at CU three years ago.

Don’t fly on airplanes or take vacations

Don’t eat meat

Glaciers never used to calve

pH 8.0 is acidic

Buy a hamburger, raise Earth’s temperature by 10C

The Hayhoe hockey stick

I saved the planet by riding my bicycle up to NCAR

People in -60C Siberia will be comforted by the fact that Gavin thinks they are burning up.

I think NASA makes up most of their data.

Before climate change, people never climbed glaciers

CO2 forms a blanket of stupidity around climate scientists

F–  NCAR fails. What are they smoking up there?

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7 Responses to At The Boulder Ministry Of Truth

  1. Steve Case says:

    Yeah, but they have nice glitzy graphics, and they have lots of money to pay for good artists to make them. I’d like to think the President Trump will rip them a new one, but I have my doubts.

  2. Robertv says:

    Butte County sheriff: “This in NOT A Drill.”

    5 p.m.

    The Butte County Sheriff’ Office released the following statement on Facebook:

    This is an evacuation order.

    Immediate evacuation from the low levels of Oroville and areas downstream is ordered.

  3. Squidly says:

    Holy Crap on a Cracker Batfart !! … How do these people do this without being sued? .. Just in the pictures you have shown here, I can count at least a dozen outright lies and fabrication. And I mean absolutely blatant falsehoods.

    I think I may try to take a trip there this summer, accompanied by a lawyer friend or two, and see what sorts of lawsuits we can bring against them. This is a veritable goldmine for any crafty lawyers looking to make a name for themselves, and a quick buck or two.

  4. Gail Combs says:

    “…And I mean absolutely blatant falsehoods….”

    You mean like the one for the temperature for the last 10,000 years?

    The Hayhoe hockey stick
    Actual data from the Greenland Ice core

  5. aeroguy48 says:

    As to question # 13 and ‘which of the following did you visit’ and the box; other please specify, I would have answered, restroom.

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