Will Junk Climate Science Survive The Next Session Of Congress?

California’s Giant Sequoia trees survived hundreds of consecutive years of severe droughts in the past, but somehow a 0.0001 mole fraction increase in CO2 is virtually certain to create worse droughts, threatening the trees’ survival.

Will California’s Giant Sequoias Survive The Next Drought?

Drought is the normal climate in California. The last hundred years were unusually wet, allowing government funded climate scientists to become unusually stupid.

There is no science behind what these fake scientists are saying, and they have no idea what the climate of the future will be like.  A few months ago they thought California was in a permanent drought – right before California’s wettest winter in decades.

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41 Responses to Will Junk Climate Science Survive The Next Session Of Congress?

  1. TimboA says:

    Just saw Bill Nye the “Science” guy on Tucker Carlson. What a pompous, frightening creep. I sure hope these guys get knocked off their Don Quixote steeds ’cause they certainly are on a power trip!!

    • Menicholas says:

      It was all I could do not to yell at the television.
      I thought tucker dropped the ball and ceded too much to Nye, while missing golden opportunities to rip him to shreds.
      I would like to have him back with a knowledgeable skeptic on with him.
      Nye is as dumb as a box of rocks and even stupider and more empty headed and vacuous than the average warmista.

      • RAH says:

        Even this truck driver could tear apart Nye’s arguments and claims. It would be lovely to see someone much more knowledgeable tear into him. But I don’t blame Tucker and in fact think it did just fine. He was speaking to the level of the layman using common sense questions. The same kind of questions that made this layman question the claims of the alarmists and thus start learning more about the science and the debate.

  2. Psalmon says:

    Here’s Bill Nye going thru the Tuckshredder.

    Nye seemed disappointed we missed out on a new ice age due to humans (5:20). I was upset that you can’t run a ski resort in Europe (7:30), someone should tell the Italians killed in that avalanche.


    • Colorado Wellington says:

      The dumbass on the Tucker Carlson was not Bill Nye. The guy kept taking about ice age when he meant glaciation cycles within the current ice age, and other ignorant nonsense. That could not have been the real Bill Nye who is very smart and a real scientist.

      Maybe Trump or Bannon kidnapped the real Nye and this was just a computer animation to make alarmists look dumb. You know, fake Nye.

      I’ve heard other explanations, too, but I’m not sure I want to go there …

    • gator69 says:

      Bill Nye the LIAr guy.

      So Billy thinks we would still be in the clutches of the LIA were it not for man’s contribution to the atmospheric CO2 budget?

      Maybe he means to thank us on his next appearance.

    • RAH says:

      As I have written and posted elsewhere on the condition of Bill Nye. I’m no brain surgeon but I don’t have to be to make this diagnosis. It is quite obvious to this former SF medic that Mr. Nye is suffering from advanced Cerebrovascular ischemia of the Global type. So much brain tissue has necrosed away he has developed a severe condition pneumocephalus. This has probably resulted from wearing his bowtie far too tight over the years as his head got bigger. Although one could deflate his head the large amount of brain tissue already lost cannot be replaced. As long an Mr. Nye continues to wear his bowtie too tight he will sound more and more like Peewee Herman discussing climate.

  3. AndyOz says:

    Expect to hear very soon from the CA-DWR about spilling of San Luis Reservoir.

    This permanent drought in California is just amazing.
    Katherine Hayhoe and Bill McKibben must be ecstatic that it is officially over.
    Pair of numpties.


    • Gail Combs says:

      Many dams are very old and easily taken for granted, and presumed safe just like the New Orleans leeves….

      Seems people are finally getting a clue that Demon-Bureau-Rats are not to be trusted…


      David A over at E.M.’s
      “The latest atmosperic river is hittin San Diego non stop since the early mourning. So far 3 to 4 inches all over, with Palomar Mountain at about 9 inches of rain today.

      San Diego river above flood stage and expected to peak at close to 9000 C.F.S.”

      Seems the California Demon-Rats may be getting wet feet.

  4. John Niclasen says:

    From the article “Will California’s Giant Sequoias Survive The Next Drought?”.

    “Although California’s five-year drought has come to an end …”

    And then later in the article:

    “Although California’s current drought is a natural disaster, …”

    Has it ended or not?

  5. Gail Combs says:

    O/T but of interest to the Techies here. (I am ‘computer challenged’ so I will punt this to Hubby.)

    From E.M. Smith (Chiefio)

    ….Note the large number of “source code” links and that it is all P2P. Looks like the era of Central Authority and Censorship just got kneecapped



  6. Don B says:

    Jerry Brown could have learned something from Australian crazies; they went through the same fake news cycle down under, and were unprepared for natural cycles.

    “In 2007, Chief Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery made
    this bizarre claim while hyping the threat to Australia from global warming:

    “Even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and river systems.”

    “Flannery was completely wrong. Two years of record rains, floods and filled dams prove it.


    • RAH says:

      Don B. Jerry Brown didn’t learn anything from his past experience last time he was Governor of California so learning anything from anyone down under is well beyond Moonbeams capability.

  7. The Comedian says:

    Is no one going to comment on the fact that he appears to be listening to an earpiece hooked up to a Radio Shack 100-in-1 electronics kit?

    WTF? Is Gov. Moonbeam listening to an AM crystal radio, or is that box the smallest hearing aid California’s socialist health care system could supply?

  8. neal s says:

    I just noticed that box in front of Brown, closest to his right hand, looks like one of those old Radio Shack 100-in-1 electronic kits. I wonder if he has it set up to be either a radio, or an amplifier. He does seem to be listening to something via an earphone.

  9. Andy DC says:

    In 2012. Dr. Hayhoe discovered “Droughtflood”, a result of Global Weirding that first took place in Texas. That is when extreme drought and extreme flooding are taking place at the same time.

    Unprecedented Droughtflood has now struck again, this time in California!

    Weird weather is definitely far more dangerous for humanity that either hot weather or climate change. We must keep fossil fuels in the ground, or we are all going to die!

    • CheshireRed says:

      All part of the scary narrative. Next up on the BS-ometer it’s global Climate Disruption and Ocean Deoxygenation. Seems we really are all going to die from the merciless impacts of CO2.

  10. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    By 1 APR 2017 I hope to publish a new paper to celebrate the Centennial birth of the scientist on 1 APR 1917 who finessed combined efforts of the UN and the UNAS to hide reality from the public after WWII with 97% consensus science.”


  11. Menicholas says:

    “allowing government funded climate scientists to become unusually stupid.”
    Thank you Tony…I needed a good belly laugh.
    And nothing is funnier than the truth sometimes.
    Honestly…thank you. Been a rough week for me.

  12. Psalmon says:

    Great chart Rob Elvington shared on Twitter…wettest Oct-Feb in CA in 122 years…also where is the big trend, where is the big “acceleration” as Bill Nye talked about? Where is the CO2 correlation to anything?

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