Do Climate Skeptics Weigh The Same As A Duck?

In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.

  • Galileo Galilei

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  1. gator69 says:

    Apparently Eric cannot even spell genocide, which is a real crime against humanity.

  2. SxyxS says:

    In case this is the guy from Monty Python he may be joking-
    or he just got old and senile.

    But in fact this is even a harmless one of theses fascist.
    I remember reading in a German Newspaper few years ago
    that a famous scientist(an anti death penalty,evironmentalist&islam buttkisser=progressive) from Austria
    was asking for the killing of global warming deniers..

    As political correctnes was installed in politics by the (guess who)
    communists(lenins bride) one shouldnt be surprised
    for such a ‘humanistic’ approach.
    How many people in Russia had been killed for not following
    the communist correctness of their overlords?
    Some say 50 mio,others 68 mio.

    Therefore this behaviour is business as usual for them.

    You can claim that the universe does not exist-nothing will happen.
    You can claim the 2+2 is 5- nothing will happen
    because truth does not need laws,nor intimidation
    not hysterical pussyboys to be protected.
    Only the lie needs.
    Don”t acceppt global warming and that islam is not the religion of peace(ignoring its hundreds of millions of victims,the ten thousands terror attacks,the total apartheid ,legal slavery and pedophilia(democrats like this)
    and they will try to put you in prison.

  3. Taphonomic says:

    Could we turn him into a newt?

  4. AndyG55 says:

    A note for Eric.

    You were only ever funny when acting like a clown or behaving like an idiot !!

    That was your role in comedy.

    You should probably not base your whole life on it though.

  5. RAH says:

    So Eric believes in an authoritarian world government with the power to put on trial and punish anyone that does not agree with the official government line. How can one live so long and learn so little about human history and nature? At the fairy tale of history that he helped make humorous his real world?

    • Gail Combs says:

      They have ridden that pony 9CAGW) unto foundering. It ain’t going much further and they know it since it came in dead last on the UN poll of ‘concerns’

  6. Alf says:

    Andy; looks like there might be an El Nino coming up. Is that because of Global Warming?

    • Gail Combs says:

      Actually ENSO has swung back to dead neutral.

      You can see the ‘meter’ at WUTTs page down several times. It is on the far right. A lot more charts on the same page.

      With a sleepy sun there may not be enough energy in the wavelengths above visible to drive another El Nino.

      ΔSun==>Δ UV ==> Δ Ozone ==> Δ THE BREWER-DOBSON CIRCULATION Δ winds in the Antarctic ==> Δ Antarctic Circumpolar Current ==> Δ Humbolt Current that runs up the west side of S.America. It is the current that El Nino was originally named after.

      Also Δ Sun==>Δ UV ==> Δ Ozone ==> Δ clouds ==> Δ sunlight warming the equitoral oceans.

      Bob Tisdale gets into the details

    • AndyG55 says:

      No, Alf.

      CO2 does not cause El Ninos.

      Go back to kindy and join Jimbo.. he desperately wants some company !!

    • AndyG55 says:

      You do know that an El Nino is an ocean COOLING event, don’t you Alf ?

      Or do you remain wilfully ignorant.

      • Jim Hunt says:

        Re wilful ignorance:

        • AndyG55 says:

          Yes Jimbo, you keep displaying it

          What does the Canadian Ice Service say about Arctic multi-year sea ice, Jimbo

          Waiting for you to overcome your COWARDICE and answer, you pitiful little piece of slime.

          • Jim Hunt says:

            What does the image you are commenting on say about the OSI-SAF’s “Bayesian multi-sensor approach” to identifying multi-year sea ice, Andy

          • AndyG55 says:

            What does the Canadian Ice Service say about Arctic multi-year sea ice, Jimbo

            Waiting for you to overcome your COWARDICE and answer, you pitiful little piece of slime.

          • AndyG55 says:

            It show your total incompetence at image composition, that’s about all,

            … and again a tiny, tiny cherry-picked area of the Arctic.

            Russian data also shows Arctic multi-year sea ice at a 10 year high

            What does CIS say about Arctic multi-year sea ice, Jimbo ?

    • John F. Hultquist says:

      The current ENSO summary (March 13) says:

      ENSO-neutral conditions are present.
      Equatorial sea surface temperatures (SSTs) are near-average across the central
      and east-central Pacific. They are above-average in the eastern Pacific Ocean.
      ENSO-neutral conditions are favored to continue through at least the Northern
      Hemisphere spring 2017, with increasing chances for El Niño development into
      the fall.

      ENSO: Recent Evolution, …

      Meteorological fall begins on September 1 and includes the months of September, October, and November (SON).

      • John F. Hultquist says:

        PDF cut-&-paste is frustrating.

        • RAH says:

          Here is what the Aussi BOM says:

          The anchovies, which were the original bench mark, aren’t talking yet and they are the real authority.

          • Gail Combs says:

            The Humboldt Current extends along the Coast of Chile and Peru and its cold and nutrient-rich waters support one of the world´s largest fisheries, the Anchovy. The anchovy fisheries in this ecosystem are of national, regional and global significance. It is estimated that more than 1,000 fish species depend on the Humboldt Current within their life cycles….

            …The Peru Current is one of the most biologically productive ocean currents of the world (Chavez, 1995). In the oceanographic literature, it is also referred to as the Humboldt Current (after the Prussian explorer Alexander von Humboldt). Serving as a classical example of an eastern boundary current, the Peru Current features a typically wide and slow equatorward transport of cold water along the coast of South America. Originating near the southern tip of Chile (43°S), the Peru Current runs northward along the coast up to north Peru (5°S), after which it turns west and merges with the South Equatorial current (Strub et. al., 1998)…

            The source water of the Peru Current results from some fraction of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) turning north along the west coast of South America while it flows through the Drake Passage at approximately 40°S (Pickard and Emery 1990). In the north, the Peru Current contributes to the South Equatorial Current, by turning westward and forming a cold tongue around 4°S (Penven et al. 2005)….

    • AndyG55 says:

      Now why did you address this to me?

      Glad to know that I now occupy a corner of your mind.

      Plenty of empty space. ;-)

      Dream of me at night, do you :-)

  7. Alf says:

    Another El Nino would warm up the arctic waters. Then I will be able to sail my boat through the north west passage. alf

  8. Alf says:

    “Dream of me at night; do you” yes of course, erotic dreams at that!!!

  9. Alf says:

    I think it is possible that higher ocean temps could hasten the onset of an El Nino; but then what do I now.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “but then what do I now.”

      Very little, you have made that patently obvious.

      Boyfriend of Jimbo, same anti-knowledge.

  10. RAH says:

    Current NOAA ENSO MEI

    The only region showing a significant warm anomaly right now is “1”.

  11. Alf says:

    Rah, looking at your graph it appears as if the El Ninos got stronger after 1975 and the La Ninas weaker. Could there be a global warming component to that situation?

    • AndyG55 says:

      Nothing to do with CO2.


      Do try to keep up.

    • Gail Combs says:


      “Here is a graph of solar radiation since 1610, when sunspots were first recorded. The brown line is the solar radiation, and it peaks every 11 years or so because of the sunspot cycle. [Dr Evans] put an 11-year smoother through it to give the red line, which shows the trends in solar radiation.”

      The spacing is every 20 years. Correlation of solar radiation and temperature seems to show a delay of most likely 11 years, though definitely between 10 and 20 years.

      • AndyG55 says:

        I have a thought that the Earth’s system tries to balance itself with incoming energy.

        Because of the drop-off in incoming energy, the Earth is trying to get rid of some of the solar energy stored in the oceans.

        The 2015/16 El Nino was a large dump of that stored solar energy from ocean → atmosphere → space.

        We will see what happens now.

        Is another small balancing El Nino needed, or will the oceans start gradually building up the lower amounts now coming in.

        • AndyG55 says:

          Or is there even enough coming in to build up any store of energy in the oceans. !

          • Gail Combs says:

            Maybe not enough energy…

            Looks like a lack of shorter solar wavelengths…

          • AndyG55 says:

            Is it just me down under, or is the site very slow?

          • Gail Combs says:

            That was the Northern Atlantic temperature vs Depth profile.

            The following shows overall the Arctic ocean is cooling

            The 30N to 30S oceans near the equator WERE warming but have plateaued and may be starting to cool. so has the broader band 65N to 65S (bottom graph)

            And the Antarctic Oceans have not changed.

          • Gail Combs says:

            Of course that is just from point data and is not the heat flux.

            Nir J. Shaviv wrote the paper: Using the oceans as a calorimeter to quantify the solar radiative forcing in 2009.

            And a new paper (2011) was written on the ARGO data:
            Recent energy balance of Earth

            A recently published estimate of Earth’s global warming trend is 0.63 ± 0.28 W/m2, as calculated from ocean heat content anomaly data spanning 1993–2008. This value is not representative of the recent (2003–2008) warming/cooling rate because of a “flattening” that occurred around 2001–2002. Using only 2003–2008 data from Argo floats, we find
            by four different algorithms that the recent trend ranges from –0.010 to –0.160 W/m2 with a typical error bar of ±0.2 W/m2. These results fail to support the existence of a frequently-cited large positive computed radiative imbalance….

            2. Data and Analysis

            In what follows, we make reference to FOHC, defined as the rate of change of OHC divided by Earth’s area. It has units of energy flux and is therefore convenient when discussing heating of the whole climate system.

            There have been four other recent estimates of slopes from the Argo OHC data, by Pielke [7], Loehle [8], Douglass and Knox [9], and von Schuckmann et al. [10]. Each of these studies of Argo OHC data with the exception of von Schuckmann’s, which differs in the ocean depth covered (0–2000 m), show a negative trend with an uncertainty of several 0.1 W/m2….

            3. Discussion and Summary
            As many authors have noted, knowing FOHC is important because of its close relationship to FTOA, the net inward radiative flux at the top of the atmosphere. Wetherald et al. [13] and Hansen et al. [14] believe that this radiative imbalance in Earth’s climate system is positive, amounting recently [14] to approximately 0.9 W/m2. Pielke [15] has pointed out that at least 90% of the variable heat content of Earth resides in the upper ocean.

            Thus, to a good approximation, FOHC may be employed to infer the magnitude of FTOA, and the positive radiation imbalance should be directly reflected in FOHC…

            In summary, we find that estimates of the recent (2003–2008) OHC rates of change are preponderantly negative. This does not support the existence of either a large positive radiative imbalance or a “missing energy.”

            Looks like the El Ninos are ocean cooling events. ?

          • Gail Combs says:

            This site has had several ‘burps’ over the last few days.

            Page would not load, comment hung….

          • AndyG55 says:

            I think I was also having speed issue down here, last night, maybe weather issues, maybe congestion, who knows !! ?

            Did a speed test, I was getting 4.5Mbps, now I’m back up to the normal 20Mpbs

      • RAH says:

        The solar disk has shown no spots nor specks for 12 straight days now.
        ” New ‘Spotless days’ page
        Regular solar observers have noticed that since mid-2016, the Sun has occasionally been devoid of sunspots. As the current solar cycle 24 will gradually give way to the new solar cycle 25, several consecutive days and even weeks without sunspots will become the norm. In order to have an idea on the number of spotless days, and how these numbers compare to past solar cycles, SILSO has created a “Spotless Days page”. This page contains graphs and tables on the accumulated number of spotless days, stretches of spotless days, and comparisons to other solar cycles – all supplemented with a word of explanation.
        Will the upcoming solar cycle minimum show as many spotless days as the previous one, or will solar cycle 25 take off much faster than expected? This “Spotless Days page” will provide you with a front-row seat on the current status of the solar cycle minimum and the number of spotless days. Enjoy!
        LINK :
        This solar cycle appears to be bottoming out more quickly than projected. Solar activity is very low and remained so for some time now.

    • RAH says:

      When it comes to weather, and some say climate, in reference to the cycles. How warm the El Nino event is not the measure that is the most important. What is most indicative where things have been and are going is how cold the subsequent La Nina events get. The part that atmospheric CO2 plays, if any, in this is so miniscule any indications are lost in the noise. CO2 has not been demonstrated to have anything to do with this cycle. These cycles are a function of variations solar irradiance resulting from solar activity and the variations in the orbital mechanics of the earth relative to the sun. Other astronomical factors both within and beyond our solar system may also be in play such as those that determine the amount of cosmic rays the earth receives.

      IMO the concentration on funding to prove CO2 is a significant player in determining our climate has damaged our progress in learning what the real major factors in this chaotic system that determine our climate are. Hell it is well understood we and every life form on earth could all be fried before we knew it by a gamma ray burst at any time. And yet fools are believe that atmospheric CO2 is what drives our climate? It’s laughable really.

      • Gail Combs says:

        CO2 does not affect anything but the surface skin of the ocean. It is the SUN that controls the ocean heat content (along with the clouds)

        The following graph shows this.

  12. gator69 says:

    The sister act returns.

  13. CO2isLife says:

    We’ve simply allowed the wrong people to teach and influence our children.
    Climate “Science” on Trial; A Weaponized Generation

    • Gail Combs says:

      Over a century ago, John Dewey, with the help of funding from John D. Rockefeller, changed US education to turn individualist thinkers into good little unthinking Sheeple serfs.

      …In 1894, Dewey was appointed head of the department of philosophy, psychology and education at the University of Chicago which had been established two years earlier by a gift from John D. Rockefeller. In 1896, Dewey created his famous experimental Laboratory School where he could test the effects of the new psychology on real live children.

      Dewey’s philosophy had evolved from Hegelian idealism to socialist materialism, and the purpose of the school was to show how education could be changed to produce little socialists and collectivists instead of little capitalists and individualists. It was expected that these little socialists, when they became voting adults, would dutifully change the American economic system into a socialist one….

      And we had Howard Zinn, who rewrote US history to instill hatred for the USA…

      …Hatred of Americas founding principles was pushed early on by Howard Zinn, the loony Marxist who now controls the narrative of our history books.  His writings were filled with partial truths, half-truths, and outright lies about American history.  He cleverly inserted himself into the lexicon of hate in the attempt to help the global communist revolution come to America.  He has become the most widely read historian today – and has taught an entire generation, and an entire party, to hate their own country…

      And then there was George Count and his KGB handler Anna Osipovna aka Nucia P. Lodge

      …In 1931 Houghton Mifflin published New Russia’s Primer: The Story of the Five-Year Plan, by M. Ilin, translated from the Russian by George S. Counts, Associate Director of the International Institute and Professor of Education in Teachers College, and Nucia P. Lodge, Research Assistant in the International Institute.

      We see that Anna Osipovna has transformed herself into Nucia Lodge. And we see that the dapper professor Counts modestly claims that he translated the book, while grudgingly crediting his KGB handler. The payload of this unbelievably brazen covert influence operation is straight out of Muenzenberg’s manual.

      Muenzenberg’s payload: “You think the capitalist system is corrupt…You’re frightened…by the oppression of the working man…You think the Russians are trying a great human experiment…”
      Counts’ New Russia’s Primer:

      In America the machine is not a helper to the worker, not a friend, but an enemy. Every new machine, every new invention, throws out upon the streets thousands of workers. In glass factories one person now makes three thousand bottles an hour. In former times such a task required seventy-seven men. This means that each machine for the making of bottles deprives seventy-six men of employment. And the American worker despises the machine which takes away his bread.

      But how is it with us [Russians]? The more machines we have, the easier will be the work, the shorter will be the working day, the lighter and happier will be the lives of all.

      We build factories in order that there may be no poverty, no filth, no sickness, no unemployment, no exhausting labor— in order that life may be rational and just…We build in our country [the U.S.S.R.] a new, an unheard-of, a socialistic order.

      The newly-minted “Russian expert” from Columbia delivered the KGB payload directly into the cultural heart of America. “Capitalism is corrupt! Russia’s experiment is working!” screamed
      his text.

      The Primer was a selection for Book-a-Month Club members in May 1931, and 46,000 members chose it. Counts’ first influence project was a best-seller for seven months, and ranked eighty-first on the list of nonfiction bestsellers from 1921-1932. Cloaked in his non-partisan, academic-research cover, Counts delivered the anti-capitalist payload into schools, universities, and living rooms across America.

      Of course, at the same time that Counts published this covert influence coup, Stalin was in the midst of forced collectivization of huge swaths of Soviet society. Dissenters were rounded up and shot. Or sent to the gulag, where they were worked to death, in the most inhuman conditions imaginable. Counts, who had visited Russia at least twice by 1931, could have witnessed the unimaginably squalid lives of normal Soviet citizens, if he had wanted to do so. Maybe he did, maybe he did not. We’ll probably never know, but we do know that he continued pouring out covert influence payloads for another decade.

      Counts cloaked his KGB payload in his work in Education with his participation in “non-ideological” organizations, like the Progressive Education Association, and the Philosophy of Education Society, for which Counts edited the journal The Social Frontier, beginning in 1934.

      Counts continued publishing, speaking, and teaching that “the age of individualism was over,” and that it was time to accept “collectivization” in the American economy. Counts continued advancing his KGB covert influence payload, always rejecting any suggestion that he was a communist, or inspired by socialism, cloaking his “philosophy of education” in Progressive terms.

      Counts founded the Social Reconstruction philosophy of Education—the root of which was the need to “change America.” A tenet of Count’s approach was that America needed to be changed. He voiced, and repeated, over and over, the KGB’s influence payload of his shock at what was happening in America.

      After Stalin’s 1939 pact with Hitler, Counts began to distance himself from the “collectivist” approach to economics, and in the 1940s launched a new publishing career, again with Anna “Nucia” Perlmutter Lodge as his translator. This new phase, clearly after a break with the KGB, focused on the negatives of the U.S.S.R. and its education system. Yet he never renounced his earlier works. And amazingly, Counts’ covert influence payload is still required reading in many schools of education.

      FROM: Willing Accomplices: How KGB Covert Influence Agents Created Political Correctness and Destroyed America by Kent Clizbe

      ALL given the blessings of our presidents and Congress…

  14. Alf says:

    thanks RAH. I have been fallowing some of this conversation at No Tricks Zone. alf

  15. john says:

    If CO2 goes up to 401 ppm and if a Republican is elected president and if we don’t have trillion dollar carbon taxes we will all die screaming.

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