Astonishing New Record For Ice Growth

As desperate criminals working at government agencies continue to claim the Arctic is hot and melting, Greenland is blowing away all records for ice growth. 530 billion tons of ice has formed since September 1, which is how much normally forms during the entire winter.

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

Government funded climate scientists continue to lie about this, because they were encouraged to lie during the last eight years.

Thing have changed now, and fraud by climate scientists will no longer be tolerated.

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9 Responses to Astonishing New Record For Ice Growth

  1. RAH says:

    Yes, the Jim Hunts of the world can try to deny it, but mother nature is tearing them a new A-hole. It just make sense really that Greenland has gotten so much snow this winter with the obviously pronounced Meridional flow pattern we’ve seen this year.

  2. AndyOz says:

    Record snowfall & ice formation on Greenland
    Record snow on Iceland
    Record snow in the Rocky Mountains
    Record snow in Russia, Eastern Europe, Italy, Greece, Turkey & North Africa
    Record rainfall in California
    Record cold in Western Australia
    Record rainfall across southern Australia
    Record cold in Europe, Eurasia and China

    Occam’s Razor says the simpler answer to the question is normally the correct one.
    What causes the cycling of the global temperature?

    1. 0.01% variation of a trace gas in the atmosphere
    2. Significant variation in the energy output of the sun.

    You know it makes sense.

  3. RAH says:

    Here in the US it sure seems like spring. The warm gulf air flowing up from the SW while cold air flows down from the NW and clashes with it resulting in severe weather. I had the thunder from a nearby big lightning strike wake me from a sound sleep at 22:00 last night as the first squall line came over. Now at 05:24 my flag is laying down still and with a distinct hook showing on the doppler about 30 mi to my SW It’s got my attention.

  4. Steven Fraser says:

    Plotting Greenland SMB today, if all it does is match the average for the rest of the ice-growth period ( to Jun 1 ), then the max will be 700Gt. Too bad DMI does not include the high or low values in its average.

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