Dangerous Election Hacking By The MSM

The day before the US election, the left wing press was trying to hack the election for Hillary with stories about Trump wiretapping.

EXCLUSIVE: FBI ‘Granted FISA Warrant’ Covering Trump Camp’s Ties To Russia

Those stories no longer fit their anti-American narrative, so now they deny they ever wrote them. As North Korea threatens nuclear war, the MSM is determined to weaken the commander-in-chief and keep him distracted with fake news about Russia and climate.

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18 Responses to Dangerous Election Hacking By The MSM

  1. RAH says:

    But as you post this the director of the FBI is being questioned about the veracity of that story and if British Intelligence was involved.
    As for N. Korea? I think a pass by a B-2 over Pyongyang dropping leaflets instead of bombs might be in order.

    • SxyxS says:

      Except an atomic attack by china or russia
      or being remote controlled by the UN
      and bancrupted by the bankers
      your country has nothing to fear

      For sure not a communist third world shithole like north-korea.
      The only people who must fear North Korea are North Koreans
      as communist countries usually kill mostly their own people-
      that’s what north korea is doing for decades
      by using hunger just like they used it in the sowjetunion with the holdomor.

      The only real threat for your country is by treason from within
      and “protests”&”revolutions” sponsored by Soros and controlled by MSM corporations.

      • Gator says:

        Bankers are not the problem, leftists are.

        • SxyxS says:

          Sorry-i once again forgot to use the term banksters.

          (without bansters sponsoring communism the leftist would have no power.
          btw there is nothing wrong with different political opinions,but the current aggressive selfdestructive left is.
          The leftist have not been always such pricks ,
          just like it is wrong considering every form
          of right wings as nazis as many leftist do this day.

          • Gail Combs says:

            Nazi stands for NATIONAL SOCIALIST. Fascist was the Italian flavor of national socialist under Mussolini. They are very slightly to the right of communism since they allow some VERY REGULATED private business.

            As usual the Left is projecting their sins and then accusing the conservatives/capitalists of what they are actually guilty of.

            Anthony Giddens of the Fabian’s London school of Economics along with UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and President Billy Clinton reconstituted Fascism and gave it the name The Third Way. SEE E.M Smith’s comment

            The left really love to play mind games with words to hide their innate evil slime.

          • gator69 says:

            Yes, one of the great lies that the left has worked into people’s heads, that Nazi’s were right wingers.

            This is exactly why we must speakl clearly and correctly. Because the left has, for over a century now, redefined words in order to redefine history and the world around us.

            Beware the Newspeak!

      • Gail Combs says:


        North Korea is China’s puppet just like Cuba was the Soviet Union’s. You can have North Korea attack the USA or better yet Russia and China sits by and waits and then takes over bothafter they have exhausted their strength. (China, thanks to their one child plan, now has a surplus of unmarried military age males…).

        That was the same game plan as the American Civil War only the Tzar of Russia foiled it by threatening to attack France and England from the rear. So the Banksters (Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers…) retaliated by wiping out his entire family over the next 50 years.

        • SxyxS says:

          Well Miss Combs,
          1)usually when i speak about left/right
          i mean the common left/right stereotype that is used by the mainstream and even most alternatives.
          As i can not explain every single time that Hitler was a socialist or that Moussolini was,before he became fascist a big big communist.
          He didn’t change a iota except,that his socialism turned from international to national.
          He defined fascism correctly as corporatocratism(a rule by state& corporations) and communism was 100% fascism therefore.
          Capitalism these days is mostly considered big corporate power,though original capitalism
          is about variety,divergency,for the common man,
          Anarchism today is considered as chaos or lefti communism while in fact it is just about absense or a small state with little influence-
          therefore original anarchism and capitalism are about individual freedom and are in their core much closer then they are considered these days.

          my opinion about politics is spot on with
          Ben Garrisons “March of tyranny” cartoon.

          About North Korea:
          I do not know how deep the relation between korea and china are and how independent,(for me the ruling family kim? seems very powerfull)
          therefore i can not say much about this.
          North korea herself barely can shoot long distance weapons
          and your country has put many weapons close to russias boarder(disguised as protection shield for europe
          against Rockets from peacefull muslim countries)
          and your country can attack china from south korea(where 5 oligarchic families are pulling the strings)
          Therefore i do not think that there is something to worry-
          as your country has decades of technical military
          advantage and a much higher military budget.

          Your only problem is that the other two countries have so many atomic weapons that only a fraction of them may wipe the usa away.

          Historically there is no need to fear russia as russia was the friend of the usa and the tzars suffered since 1850(when moses hess invented communism)from permanent assassination attacks by the leftist.Especially Tsar Alexander who was the most progressive european leader at that time.

          And China?
          Chinas Rise was the direct result of Kissingers secret visit in the early 70ies
          and the(most don”t know about this) Lima Declaration of 1975(( to industrialise china and deindustrialise your country))
          Just 3 years later china started with the huge reforms
          ((and i highly suspect that nixon was kicked out because he thought this was going too far and not because of watergate.
          I mean :your presidents are destroying entire countries and killing millions and noone cares,but
          a little spying and a few missing seconds on a tape and they are out????

          Considering this,and the huge summs of money your country owes china and how important usa is for chinese trade,
          a conflict with them seems very unlikely.

          The biggest threat from your country is imo still
          from the inside.
          (i would write more about this,but sadly my english is too limited when it gets too specific,but i’m pretty sure you know what i mean.
          Neither Lybia,nor Syria nor Iraq have ever been a threat to your country,as your country is simply too far away.
          First Watch out for the perverts of the us version of the hellfire club( bohemian grove)
          if you care about your country
          then care about north korea.

          • Gail Combs says:

            Oh believe me we are very much aware of the Fifth Column here in the USA that is why we did not elect a politician this time.

    • Steve Case says:

      Don’t we have unmanned aircraft to do that now?

      • RAH says:

        A stealth aircraft of any kind could do it but one like a B2 which could carry enough nuclear devices to move N Korea back into the stone age would seen a more powerful message. The idea is simply psyops. Sending a message without committing a recognized act of war.

        That little S-head is just clamoring for attention like he always does. He’s like a child or a pet. If he doesn’t get any attention he’ll settle for bad attention. He needs house trained.

        One of the psychological tricks our navy plays on the PRC navy all the time is to intentionally have an attack submarine broach and expose it’s self when in the vicinity of PRC war ships. It sends a powerful message that says we are here, we are watching you, and we could take you out any time we choose.

  2. Psalmon says:

    I hope I live long enough to see the day when the GOP (not this befuddled bunch of buffoons) both controls Congress and ACTS like they control Congress.

    We need to Primary out almost every one of these GOP incumbents with candidates who are literate and can organize a simple set of questions.

  3. Why buy a newspaper when you can make the news up yourself?

  4. Reasonable Skeptic says:

    Russia meddling in the elections = bad
    MSM meddling in the elections = good

  5. toorightmate says:

    So the FBI was/is checking Trump and associates for any Russian contact, but were not checking Trump for anything else.
    Pull the other one.

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