Foreign Election Hacking Update

Nigel Farage: Britons voted for Brexit because Obama told them not to | TheHill

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  1. RAH says:

    The Obama administration also directly and openly meddled in Israeli elections by sending a team to help the opposition to try and dump Netanyahu.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      That’s different, RAH. Because progress. Barack Obama knows that we are marching towards a glorious future but first we must eliminate the reactionaries standing in the way.

      President Obama is a student of progressive history. Unlike his conservative detractors, he understands that Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh was in love with the American Constitution and truly inspired by the words of our Founding Fathers. The Vietnam War was a big misunderstanding. Uncle Ho didn’t have a choice. He wanted to make Vietnam just like America but we wouldn’t let him. Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden knew that if we give the Vietnamese Communists a chance to re-educate their opponents everything would turn out ok and they were right. Nobody is fighting in Vietnam anymore. There is peace.

      The Middle East is the same. If we could get rid of reactionary warmongers like Netanyahu, Progressive Arabs would re-educate their Jewish opponents and finally bring lasting peace to the lands.

      Just like Vietnam.

      Ho Chi Minh was inspired by the words of Thomas Jefferson

  2. Frank K. says:

    Speaking of politics and immigration, I found this article very funny:

    “Outsourcing IT Jobs”

    “Information technology staff members across the University of California system are holding their breath to see if the layoffs and outsourcing at the San Francisco campus represent an individual cost-cutting measure or the beginning of a trend.”

    Summary: It’s OK to call people racists and nationalists when the “immigrants” are on welfare or taking away only low paying jobs, but it’s ** totally unacceptable ** for smart, hard working IT workers from India to take away high paying IT jobs from liberals in the California public education system!!

  3. John says:

    “Because Obama told them not to”… That’s as good a standard as you need.

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