More Top Science From The Experts

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4 Responses to More Top Science From The Experts

  1. RAH says:

    LOL! We should take heart that a majority of people haven’t bought what the scammers have been selling. But that exchange makes it obvious why.

  2. Anonymous Commentator says:

    “Entirely human made”

    Well, if they mean entirely human fabricated…

    • Jafo says:

      Yeah the original sentence said “… human made-up” but the Freudian slip was quickly caught in Dr Strangelove fashio (Yes Mein Fuhrer!)

  3. LOL in Oregon says:

    Wait a minute,
    The Neanderthals died out about 44,000 years ago!
    It must have been your (great)* grand dad that it 20,000 years ago!

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