Rescuing Boulder From Denver

What makes Boulder such a great place to live is that a long time ago, the city bought up huge tracts of land south and east of the city – as a buffer to keep Boulder separate from Denver. The city is now planning to let the University of Colorado develop the land, and move Boulder one step closer to being just another lousy suburb of Denver. I’m headed out to a meeting later this afternoon to map strategy to save Boulder.

What the City of Boulder should be doing is figuring out how to reduce traffic and pollution. Not increase it.

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28 Responses to Rescuing Boulder From Denver

  1. gator69 says:

    The city is now planning to let the University of Colorado develop the land…

    Great! More professional hippy squatters, who pay no property taxes.

    • Allen Eltor says:

      More government employees for you all to feed and be spit on by.

      That’s what government jobs are. Places for the professional managers to go park doing nothing while ridiculing the people they’re stealing from.

      of the time.

  2. Nicholas Schroeder says:

    I was at CU from fall ’66 to fall ’77. The changes are beyond anyone’s imagination. Got lost decades ago. Once was nothing but farm land between Boulder and Niwot and east on baseline.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Till the early 90s it was still not much more than prairie along the Turnpike between South Boulder and Westminster.

      • AndyG55 says:

        And of course , none of this urban expansion has any effect on local temperature stations ;-)

      • R. Shearer says:

        What is that monstrosity being built at the corner of Canyon and 28th where Eads Smokeshop was? I went by there the other day and thought I was in LA as the traffic was as awful.

        • Colorado Wellington says:

          Yeah, the intersection of Canyon and 28th Street is fast becoming one of the worst in Boulder. There is a bottleneck on Canyon eastbound to 29th Street Mall because of the narrowing immediately after the intersection. The southbound lanes of 28th St are clogged by drivers who want to turn left but can’t reach the turn lane because its length is artificially shortened upstream by the widened raised median divider.

          You would think these traffic solutions were designed by prairie dogs on weed but I suspect a progressive long term plan to fundamentally change the city has more to do with it. Sprinkle the traffic with a few 50-year-old trust fund babies texting at intersections they’ll be late for yoga or drumming circle and you get the perfect gridlock. It will only get worst with the new buildings and increased density.

          There’s only one thing good about it. Tony will bypass the clogged intersections on his bike and before anyone else gets home, he will have already baited the hook for Snow White Hunt, Ms Griff, Ricky the Zealot and other silly prey.

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            Typo: … get worse ….

            (stupid autocorrect)

          • RAH says:

            The number of people continues to grow as does the number of vehicles per household and few places keep up. Few places anticipate. They only react slowly once there is an obvious congestion problem. I-69 between Anderson and Indy has been far too congested during high traffic hours for years now. Finally they are in the process of making it 3 lanes each direction which is something that was needed 10 years ago. But forty years ago it was a pleasure to drive no matter what the time of day except on race day when the Indy 500 was being run. Out of all the states I drive in I would say Kentucky does the best job of anticipating heavy traffic flow and completing construction to alleviate a situation before congestion becomes critical.

      • Robertv says:

        Will be great fun in an emergency situation. If the Oroville evacuation already was a disaster just imagine.

    • David A says:

      My Uncle’s taught there in that period. Wessel is his last name. A very consrvative opponent of Marxism. Would invite the flower power crowd to his house and debate them

  3. annieoakley says:

    What is happening in Fort Collins with the College expansion is sickening. Everyone complains about traffic, congestion, overcrowding and the incredible building just continues.

  4. RickS says:

    “Let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who, this is supposed to be a HAPPY occasion” ? !!

    One thing that is for sure, “Don’t build a Castle in the swamp” !!!

    “I know, out the door, line on the left, one cross each” !

    Right then, off ya go…

  5. RAH says:

    Well guys I was just watching “The Boonies” on NatGeo. People that live off the grid. One lives in a cave in AR. Another lives on Beaver island out on lake Michigan, and a couple live up in the mountains in Oregon. The guy in the cave had his main exit and entrance collapse in an earthquake and was looking for another way out. The two in Oregon are threatened by drought and wild fires. The guy living on Beaver island was out searching for a buddy that is in his 80s and adrift on the water.

  6. Gail Combs says:

    The Arctic Troll, Jimmy Snow White Hunt is back. I guess it is time for him to clock in to work. Note time stamp is March 20, 2017 at 9:03 am GMT.

    Interesting how he ONLY shows up on the Arctic threads and no where else. The sign of a paid troll.

    • AndyG55 says:

      A slimy fetid creature from the very bottom of the AGW sewer.

    • Griff says:

      Exactly what do you and Andy do for a living?

      you seem to be here all day every day.

      • AndyG55 says:

        You seem to infest every real science blog you can find, infesting them with your anti-human, anti-CO2 pestilence.

        • AndyG55 says:

          At least we can be sure no-one is paying you.

          No-one, not even the AGW bletheren, are stupid enough to pay a brainless moron like you.

          Is granny keeping your basement warm with fossil fuel energy, griff ??

      • AndyG55 says:

        Lets just say, that unlike your social security payment, I do actually work.

        Because of hourly rates I get paid, I don’t need to work that many hours a week to get the pay I need to live well.

        You should try actually doing some work for a living, instead of sponging off your fellow humans. You would probably have to get an education first, though.

      • Gail Combs says:

        I am retired and have a small business that generally runs on weekends.

      • RAH says:

        Remember gathering intel at the enemy site Realclimate and reading some leftist female rant about WUWT that included a comment “…they even have a truck driver posting over there…”.
        The left, who always goes to so much trouble to claim they are the most inclusive, enlightened, and tolerant, are in fact the most bigoted, ignorant, and least tolerant lot to be found outside of Muslim dominated areas. They have their stereotypes and their whole world view is dominated by them.

        • Gail Combs says:

          The leftest really do hate the blue collar workers.

          Miners put out of business by Lefty regs —

          Loggers put out of business by Lefty regs —

          Farmers put out of business by Lefty regs —

          Construction workers compete with illegals —

          Truck drivers compete with Mexicans —

          Computer & industrial scientists compete with H-1B3 Visa —

          Heck even the inner city drug runners are having their ‘work’ taken by illegals! ?

        • Gail Combs says:

          The leftist female rant was all about elitism.
          ONLY someone with an advanced degree in climAstrology can comment on climate. Only someone with degrees from HAAAaaavad or Yale could possibly comment on the law or the economy or how the USA should be RULED.

          America’s Ruling Class by Angelo M. Codevilla

          …Never has there been so little diversity within America’s upper crust. Always, in America as elsewhere, some people have been wealthier and more powerful than others. But until our own time America’s upper crust was a mixture of people who had gained prominence in a variety of ways, who drew their money and status from different sources and were not predictably of one mind on any given matter. …

          Few had much contact with government, and “bureaucrat” was a dirty word for all. So was “social engineering.” Nor had the schools and universities that formed yesterday’s upper crust imposed a single orthodoxy about the origins of man, about American history, and about how America should be governed. All that has changed.

          Today’s ruling class, from Boston to San Diego, was formed by an educational system that exposed them to the same ideas and gave them remarkably uniform guidance, as well as tastes and habits These amount to a social canon of judgments about good and evil, complete with secular sacred history, sins (against minorities and the environment), and saints. Using the right words and avoiding the wrong ones when referring to such matters — speaking the “in” language — serves as a badge of identity. Regardless of what business or profession they are in, their road up included government channels and government money because, as government has grown, its boundary with the rest of American life has become indistinct. Many began their careers in government and leveraged their way into the private sector. Some, e.g., Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner, never held a non-government job. Hence whether formally in government, out of it, or halfway,

          America’s ruling class speaks the language and has the tastes, habits, and tools of bureaucrats.

          It rules uneasily over the majority of Americans not oriented to government.The two classes have less in common culturally, dislike each other more, and embody ways of life more different from one another than did the 19th century’s Northerners and Southerners — nearly all of whom, as Lincoln reminded them, “prayed to the same God.” By contrast, while most Americans pray to the God “who created and doth sustain us,” our ruling class prays to itself as “saviors of the planet” and improvers of humanity. Our classes’ clash is over “whose country” America is, over what way of life will prevail, over who is to defer to whom about what….

          Dr. Evans says something similar.

          Climate Coup — The Politicss
          “How the regulating class is using bogus claims about climate change to entrench and extend their economic privileges and political control.”

          It is all about Power and Money and has nothing to do with science.

  7. Robertv says:

    Bring back the buffalo.

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