Climate Criminal Heidi Cullen Back With More Summer Heat Fraud

No matter how many times Heidi Cullen gets called out for her blatant attempts to deceive the American people about climate, she returns with more fraud. Like this claim that US summers are getting hotter.

Summers Are Getting Hotter | Climate Central

Before data tampering, NOAA data shows that US summer temperatures have plummeted over the past century, and that Heidi Cullen cherry picked her 1970 start date to create a fake warming trend.

But this story gets much worse. Heidi is using massively tampered USHCN adjusted temperatures to create her fake warming trend since 1970. The raw data shows no warming since 1970.

Even the adjusted data shows cooling from 1930 to 1990. Heidi’s cherry picking fraud is quite spectacular.

And the crooks at NOAA adjust 1970 summer maximum temperatures downwards by three degrees relative recent temperatures.

Her scam depends on using massively tampered data with a cherry picked start date. Ten years ago, Heidi Cullen called for decertification of meteorologists who refused to go along with her fraud.

Summers Are Getting Hotter | Climate Central

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18 Responses to Climate Criminal Heidi Cullen Back With More Summer Heat Fraud

  1. Kyoji Kimoto says:

    Dear Mr. tonyheller:
    Alarmists commit climate crimes for fame & fund causing huge economic losses to the world. I have an idea to fight with them.
    I would like to send you my papers showing mathematical errors in the AGW theory of the IPCC. Could you please inform me of your email address ?
    Mr. K.Kimoto

  2. Speeddog says:

    The swamp creatures won’t quit until their money is taken away.

    Drain the swamp,


  3. CheshireRed says:

    Lovely. Have a bit of THAT Heidi Sullen.

    Btw notice how her choice of colours plays a sub-conscious visual trick on readers, from stark white for a 0C increase to a very dark red for 0.8C, implying intense heat? All part of the brain-washing master plan.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Yep, not just the map but also the background and letter colors.

    • RAH says:

      looking at that map the naïve might think that SW Texas and S New Mexico are like the deep Sahara by now. I guess we can expect a peer reviewed paper claiming that warming is what is causing the border violence.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      But to be fair, we must note that despite massive funding the climate alarmists are still hopeless amateurs when compared to the past masters of political propaganda. They don’t even have a centralized controlling authority for their “climate mapping”.

      Mapping under the Third Reich: Nazi Restrictions on Map Content and Distribution

      As rules for geographic names issued in 1937 indicate, typography had other ways of connoting cultural claims and military conquest. In areas lost in 1919 under the Treaty of Versailles, for instance, “the German names are to be printed in a bold type, the other [local names] in smaller type and in parentheses.”

      Although most of the report examines the regulation of large-scale mapping by the Ministry of the Interior and its provincial collaborators, a short section based on an October 22, 1938 lecture by an otherwise unidentified Dr. K. Frenzel lists the cartographic roles assigned various government departments. For example, the Reich Ministry of Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda, headed by the infamous Joseph Goebbels, controlled national and linguistic maps as well as political and historical maps, and shared responsibility for “colonial maps” with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Appropriately perhaps, the Deputy Führer for Prehistory—I never knew there was one—authored “maps of prehistory.” Intriguingly ominous in the absence of fuller detail are the “racial maps” produced by the Agency for Racial Policy and the Party Examination Board for Protection of National Socialist Literature. The latter agency, apparently an official censorship organization, shared an interest in school maps with the Reich Ministry of Science, Education and Popular Culture. An order issued in 1939 refers to another department with a cartographic mission, the Reich Ministry of Food and Agriculture, which had devised detailed procedures for compiling seven different types of map used in redistributing farmland.

      Although a 1940 regulation extending German surveying into “eastern areas” recognized prior licensing only for private surveyors “of German blood,” most statutes addressed comparatively mundane matters, such as the establishment of a state surveying office in Prague in 1942. And none were as revealing as the 1934 law giving the Ministry of the Interior authority over private mapmakers, who now had to conform to official policy governing not only geographic names but also the colors to be used for political maps, on which Germany, not the British Empire, was to be shown in red (Figure 1).

      They need a Deputy Führer for Popular Enlightenment and Progressive Propaganda to establish the coloring rules for “climate mapping”.

  4. gator69 says:


  5. TA says:

    Looks to be fairly mild so far here in Oklahoma. We are still getting rain this late in June, which is a good sign for us because it usually means a milder summer.

    Normally, this time of year a high pressure system will set up over the area and start making things get hotter and drier the longer it sits.

    It looks like a high pressure system is currently setting up over the Southwestern U.S. and is going to bring high temperatures to them over the next few days. No doubt the alarmists will call it proof of CAGW. But this happens all the time and is nothing unusual.

  6. Windsong says:

    A whopping high of 63F at SeaTac airport yesterday; averaging just 68F for the month. (From a thermometer located adjacent to a taxiway between two runways, no less.) Numerous nights recently have dipped down to the 40s where I live, east of SeaTac. Vegetable garden really struggling with no NE Pacific “Blob” to keep us warm this spring. Could the Southwest loan us 10F or so next week?

    The doorbell rang early this morning. At first I didn’t see anyone through the window, then it rang again. Opened the door to see one of my tomato plants. The little guy was begging for a blanket, a coat or a down vest. Gave him an old coat, a cup of coffee and a fresh baked muffin from Mrs. W. ;)

  7. gregole says:

    Yup. It’s that season again. The warmunist cockroaches wait all year to whine and hype the hot weather…Ho hum.

    Weather here is southern Arizona is warm as usual for this time of year, and to me, very nice. Think I’ll go out to the pool area with the dogs, get the grill going and bar-be-Que a nice T-bone steak. It’s only 111 F so I probably won’t even go in the pool. Not warm enough.

  8. Andy DC says:

    I was alive in 1970 and can personally testify that humanity had not yet evolved to the point where thermometers were accurate and where the primitives back then could properly read them. They were so mentally challenged that they double or triple counted every temperature over 95 degrees, just for the hell of it.

    Thus climate scientists from leading universities had a sacred duty to adjust past temperatures so they accurately reflect today’s incredibly sophisticated climate models.

  9. Kris Johanson says:

    Honest question, if it’s not too complicated:

    How do we “adjust” the 1930’s high temperatures downward? In other words, what is the reason given?…. are we just swapping out the temperature stations we don’t like, or is it more nuanced than that?

    I’m trying to understand the means/methods behind the “raw” and “adjusted” lines in all these temperature graphs…

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