Millions Dead In 1931 Is Weather, But A Few Thousand Dead In 2003 Is Climate.

On June 30, 1931 almost the entire US was over 90F, and a large percentage was over 100F. Temperatures reached 105 in Alabama, 106 in Arkansas, 111 in Arizona, 109 in California, 100 in Colorado, 102 in Florida, 109 in Georgia, 104 in Iowa, 107 in Illinois, 105 in Indiana, 102 in Kansas, 102 in Louisiana, 101 in Michigan, 105 in  Minnesota, 106 in Missouri, 105 in Mississippi,  101 in North Carolina, 102 in North Dakota, 103 in Nebraska, 100 in New York, 104 in Oklahoma, 104 in South Carolina, 108 in South Dakota, 104 in Tennessee, 101 in Texas, 100 in Utah, 103 in Virginia and 105 in Wisconsin.

This sort of heat is incomprehensible now. If it did happen, 97% of government climate experts would say they were certain it was due to CO2.

Later that summer, China was hit by the worst floods in history.

24 Aug 1931, Page 1 – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 

Two million dead in 1931 is just weather, but 1,500 dead in 2003 is climate and demands government action.

28 Jul 2003, 14 – The Guardian at

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