Lots of new stuff, but the most noticeable is KML file generation for Google Earth


Linux/Mac : python3 US.txt date=07141936

Windows : ghcn.exe US.txt date=07141936

Follow the directions here to get the latest.  First time Linux/Mac users will also have to  execute these lines from a terminal window.

python3 -m pip install matplotlib
python3 -m pip uninstall numpy
python3 -m pip install numpy==1.12.1

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  1. Andy DC says:

    I can recall reading that the average high temperature of 114 stations in Iowa on July 14, 1936 was 108.7!

    During this past July and August, many of those purple areas with 110+ heat did not reach 90. Chicago only had two 90+ degree days this past July and August, both of them were barely over 90.

    If we’ve had climate change since 1936, it has been definitely been to the better!

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