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1974 : “Telltale Signs Of Global Cooling Everywhere”

TIME Magazine Archive Article — Another Ice Age? — Jun. 24, 1974

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Eighteen Months Since Schumer Predicted The Deep State Coup

Maddow Blog on Twitter:

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1.15 Trillion Tons Of New Ice On Greenland’s Surface

Since the end of August 2016, Greenland’s surface has gained 1.15 trillion tons of new ice, which is more than 50% above normal.  Surface mass balance is the difference between snowfall and melt. Snow is falling much faster than it … Continue reading

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NBC News 1983 : Catastrophic Global Warming By The 1990’s

The Fake News never ends. Jessica died in a car wreck a few days later, and was replaced by fake news Brian Williams. h/t James in Perth 18 Oct 1983, 17 – Rapid City Journal at Newspapers.com 10 Jan 1871 – … Continue reading

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The Destruction Begins

The progressive City of Boulder, Colorado has begun their destruction of the South Boulder wetlands.  The last piece of open space between Boulder and Metropolitan Denver.  

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The Demise Of Arctic Sea Ice Since 1971

The animation below alternates between current sea ice extent in green, and 1971 end of summer extent in white. Reggie better fire up his blowtorch. 1971     2018 Arctic sea ice extent is declining very slowly, and is above the … Continue reading

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Lock Them All Up …

Democrats have announced that it is treason to dispute claims made by the intelligence community. Lock them all up …… TimesMachine: June 24, 1992 – NYTimes.com Daily News – Google News Archive Search potentialtrends.pdf

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Arctic Update

Arctic sea ice volume melt slowed a little yesterday, pushing back my projection for an ice-free Arctic to August 24, at 9:07 pm +/- ten minutes. Spreadsheet    Data Meanwhile, the Greenland meltdown is occurring without any actual melt, and near record … Continue reading

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Understanding Democrats’ Outrage

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Climate Science – Where “Fastest Warming” Means Cooling

Climate scientists say the Antarctic Peninsula is the fastest warming place on Earth. Inside the Fastest Warming Place on Earth – The Leonard Lopate Show – WNYC It is actually the fastest cooling place on earth.   RSS / MSU … Continue reading

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