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Finally – Proof That Global Warming Is Man Made

Scientists have searched for years for proof that global warming is man-made, but the evidence is right under their noses on the NASA web site.  Global warming is man-made, by these two people. In the year 2000, NASA showed earth … Continue reading

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“I did not have bias with that woman, Lisa Page”

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Learning To Count Like a Democrat

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Trump Protesters

The usual fake news sources are reporting on Trump protesters in London, which  reminded me of fifteen years ago. I was in London during Bush’s 2003 visit.  There were about six stoners holding signs in front of Buckingham Palace, and … Continue reading

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Damsels And Dragons

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46th Hottest June On Record

The NOAA web site says June. 2018 was third warmest on record in the US. The un-tampered NOAA data shows that afternoon temperatures were 30th warmest, and not much above average.   The percent of days above 35C (95F) was … Continue reading

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Doom Arrives For Arctic Alarmists

Arctic sea ice volume melt rates have started to slow, with ice volume 4th highest since 2003. Spreadsheet    Data Temperatures near the pole have been below normal almost every day this summer. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut Time … Continue reading

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Optical Zoom Correlates With The Rise In CO2

I’ve been using a Nikon P900 for the past two years, and as CO2 has increased so have focal lengths.  The P1000 was just announced and comes out in September.

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