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Afternoon Deep State Update

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The SCOTUS Nominee Who Missed The Cut

h/t Marc Verdi

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Place Your Bets

Joe Bastardi weighs in. Evening update : Afternoon update.  Keith accepted my offer two hours ago, and is already looking for excuses to back out. ROFL. Steve Goddard on Twitter: “I’m ready to debate any time. When are we going … Continue reading

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Declining July 16 Wisconsin Temperatures

Since the year 1900, July 16 maximum temperatures at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin have dropped nearly five degrees, with a sharp drop beginning about ten years ago. Today’s forecast is 83 degrees, which is about four degrees below the long … Continue reading

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Latest Drought Research


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Declining July 16 Temperatures In The US

July 16 was a relatively cool day in 1936, averaging only 94 degrees, but US July 16 afternoon temperatures have been declining since the 19th century.   On this date in 1901, 100 degree temperatures spread from California to Maine, … Continue reading

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New Ice Free Arctic Date

Arctic sea ice volume melt is slightly faster than two days ago, and my new projection for an ice-free Arctic is August 23 at 11:58 am. Spreadsheet    Data Some people may question my methodology, but it is the standard methodology of … Continue reading

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