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Understanding Climate Science

Finally, an illustration which accurately depicts the state of climate science.

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Declining July 3rd Temperatures In The US

July 3rd afternoon temperatures have been declining in the US since the 19th century, and likelihood of hot weather has declined. On this date in 1911, almost 30% of the US was over 100F – with one hundred degree temperatures … Continue reading

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Greenland Continues To Gain Ice

With only 30 days left to the Greenland melt season, it hasn’t started yet. Yet another catastrophe for climate alarmists. Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI This is the second year in a row which there has been a … Continue reading

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Progressive Thinking

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Plummeting Summer Temperatures In The US

With the arrival of summer, climate snake oil salesmen are up to their usual tactics of lying about the weather. Summer maximum temperatures and the frequency of hot days have plummeted in the US over the past century. After accepting … Continue reading

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