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Exit Glacier, Alaska – An Icon Of Climate Fraud

Retreating Exit Glacier has become an icon of climate change – Anchorage Daily News The Exit Glacier in Alaska has been retreating since the Little Ice Age.  Barack Obama took a selfie in front of the glacier to highlight climate … Continue reading

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Hot July 22nd’s

This date in 1926 was the hottest on record in New York State, at 108 degrees. There were 100 degree temperatures fro Louisiana to New Hampshire. The hottest July 22nd was in 1901, with the average afternoon temperature across the … Continue reading

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Look What Your SUV Did Before 1940

A standard trick for climate alarmists is to post before and after pictures showing what your SUV did to glaciers over the past century. They don’t mention that the ice loss occurred before 1940. The National Geographic Archive  And never … Continue reading

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New Ice-Free Arctic Forecast

Arctic sea ice volume loss slowed again yesterday, so I am changing my ice-free Arctic forecast to September 21, at 4:59 pm. Spreadsheet    Data Another theory by the New York Times is that the Arctic has been ice-free since 1989. Expert … Continue reading

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