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Climate Science : The Fact, Data and Integrity Free Science

One of the favorite lies of climate scientists is that snow cover is declining, and that it is having a “profound” effect on ecosystems. Warming Signs: How Diminished Snow Cover Puts Species in Peril – Yale E360 In fact, snow … Continue reading

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Fake Temperature Records At Wikipedia

In order to hide past heat, Wikipedia pulls a couple of dirty tricks.  They report the most recent year a record temperature was reached, instead of the first year. This skews the graph to favor recent UHI affected temperatures, and … Continue reading

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July 5, 1936 – Hottest Day On Record In South Dakota

On this date in 1936, Gann Valley, South Dakota reached 120 degrees – the hottest temperature ever recorded in South Dakota. The hottest July 5th occurred in 1911. with 100 degree temperatures into New England. The 1911 heatwave lasted eleven … Continue reading

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Arctic Meltdown Update

Arctic sea ice volume is about to pass 2003 and move to third highest in the DMI record.  This should happen on Saturday. Spreadsheet    Data Yesterday was the peak melt day of the season so far. The only other year when … Continue reading

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