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Sixty Years Of No Troposphere Warming

Satellite data shows that current troposphere temperatures are about the same as 1991 and 1995.  Other than spikes and dips caused by volcanoes and ENSO events, there has been no change in temperature. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs The 1995 … Continue reading

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New York Times Blames Hot Weather On Scott Pruit

Opinion | Scott Pruitt and the Global Heat Wave – The New York Times I wonder who they blamed the 1896 heatwave on?  That one killed 1,500 people in New York. 1896 Heatwave Australia also had their worst heatwave on … Continue reading

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Record Summer Maximums Near A Record Low

Despite all the fake news about record heat, this summer (June-August) so far has had a near record low number of daily maximum temperature records in the US. The vast majority of summer daily maximum temperature records were set more … Continue reading

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Toto Reports On The The Colorado Permanent Drought

Usually July is a very brown month here in Boulder, but we have had lots of rain this spring and early summer, and it is the greenest I have ever seen it in July.

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