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August 3 : Death Of A Nation

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My Letter To The Editor

Before they became the useful idiots of the Military Industrial Complex, Boulder Democrats used to have bumper stickers reading “Question Authority” Tony Heller: Every American’s right to question authority – Boulder Daily Camera

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Slowest Ice Melt On Record

Arctic sea ice volume loss has been the slowest in the DMI record this summer.  The amount of ice melting from May 1 to July 27 has plummeted during the last fifteen years. Spreadsheet    Data Spreadsheet    Data This is not surprising, because … Continue reading

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What About Norway?

The Norwegian Arctic was much warmer during summer 1972 than this summer. Right at the peak of the ice age scare. THE ROLE OF NOAA’S CLIMATE PREDICTION CENTER IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF CLIMATE SERVICES

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Today’s Pictures

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