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Two Of The Hottest Summers On Record

I wasn’t born until 15 years later, but I remember that the Summer of 42 made the summer of 1971 feel very hot.

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Understanding The Democratic Perspective On Supreme Court Nominations

In 1992, Joe Biden explained why Obama wasn’t entitled to a Supreme Court nomination during his last year in office. Clinton then won the 1992 election with 43% of the vote, meaning he wasn’t entitled to nominate Ruth Bader Ginsburg. … Continue reading

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What’s Missing From This Picture?

Something is conspicuously missing from the circle below.

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Climate Change Since 1955

In 1955, Los Angeles was 120 degrees, man was going to eliminate polar ice within 25 years, and Arabs were planning to wipe out the Jews. So basically, nothing has changed. p2 – 03 Sep 1955 – The Argus (Melbourne, … Continue reading

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