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1927 – The Worst Year In Red Cross History

Ninety-one years ago brought the worst floods in US history. The Mississippi River was flooded for more than six months, forcing hundreds of thousands of people to abandon their homes permanently. Vermont’s worst flood on record occurred in November, 1927. … Continue reading

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Separation Of Stupidity And State

Democrats are hoping to reduce CO2 to 1931 levels, to prevent floods. 21 Aug 1931 – 30 MILLIONS HUNGRY – Trove

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Declining July 30 Temperatures In The US

As CO2 has increased, US July 30 afternoon temperatures have plummeted.  On this date in 1917, almost the entire US east of the Rockies was over 90 degrees, and much was over 100 degrees.

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Parallels To Watergate

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Remember The Good Old Days Of Barack Obama?

Last night my neighbor told me the world no longer respects the US, because of Donald Trump.

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Understanding The NOAA Urban Heat Island Adjustment

After considering the effect of expanding urban sprawl, NOAA adjusts all recent temperatures upwards. The exact opposite of what any honest scientist would do, Wayback Machine

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Getting Horny In Colorado

It won’t be long before some of these gents start fighting over the ladies.

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Longing For The Good Old Days

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Jailed For Being A Dissident

Dinesh D’Souza was one of several high profile people jailed for being a dissident by the Obama White House. The swamp needs to be drained.

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