Migrant Fruit Pickers

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  1. Frank Lansner says:

    Dear Tony Heller,

    I will be making a study where some info/data your your part would be appreciated very much. Im aware of the TOBS adjustments and how you elegantly disprove this. So, i would like to lift this into an official article along with similar material.

    This is no rush, but if you see this perhaps one day send me a mail?

    K.R. Frank

  2. John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia says:

    As always, great photos, Tony. It has been freezing in SW Western Australia with the normal winter rain. I attach this photo of a Quokka at The Bluff (down Albany way) taken a few days ago. Snow is rare in WA but during cold winters can provide excitement for the local tourists.
    Mostly driven to extinction by wild dogs, cats and foxes on the mainland there are only a few isolated pockets of Quokkas in the southwest. However, they are numerous on Rottness Island which is located just off Perth. The quokka is a small macropod (about cat size) related to the kangaroo.

  3. Kent Clizbe says:

    Bird id:

    Photos 1, 3, 4 (from the top): Red-shafted Flicker
    Photo 2: Blue jay

  4. David M. says:


    Good evening.

    You came to mind while visiting an art gallery.The exhibits included photos similar to yours. They were printed on a hard, 1/8″ surface. The surface was glass like. The presentation was as stunning as the photos. The quality was reflected in the $$$ price.

    The photographer’s website is: https://gbkirsch.zenfolio.com/

    Presented the same way, your pix would be at least as stunning. And, should sell well to CO visitors as well as residents.

    Another photographer’s website also brought you to mind. He uses it to sell his pix. Additional revenue is earned selling ads to hospitality businesses located where he lives. You can do the same. See: https://acadiamagic.com/


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