The Angela Fritz Epic Heatwave

On June 28, Denver was just as hot as August 8, 1878.  Angela Fritz at the Capital Weather Gang  described it as an “epic heatwave.”

Denver just tied its all-time temperature record. This heat wave is just getting started. – The Washington Post

We have been quite cool the last few weeks, but during June and July, Boulder maximum temperatures averaged 87 degrees, three degrees cooler than 1954. There were no days over 100 degrees, compared to six in 1954 – when temperatures climbed to 104 degrees twice.

For the entire United States Historical Climatology Network, there have been no all-time record highs this summer, and a well below average number of daily record maximums.

The number of days over 95 degrees has been below average, and has been trending downwards sharply for a century.

The average summer maximum temperature this year has been just above average for the past century.

Hardly an epic heatwave. It would be nice to see some accurate reporting, but that isn’t in the Washington Post playbook.

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