More Canadian Temperature Nonsense

These are all of the Canadian GHCN stations which have daily temperature data in both 1950 and 2017.

They show a sharp cooling trend before 1950, and a warming trend since 1980.

But the data is pretty useless for a number of reasons.  The station count is too small.

The average latitude of the stations has moved further from the equator. This causes a larger cooling trend after 1940 than is realistic.

Like in the US, coverage and intensity of heatwaves has declined.

Because of the lack of data and poor geographical coverage, there is no way to establish a meaningful long term temperature trend for Canada – and anyone with an agenda can produce whatever trend they want.

As bad as Canada is, it is much better than most of the rest of the world. The US temperature record is the only large scale record with any validity, and NOAA massively tampers with it.

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