More Fake News From Berkeley Earth

The Berkeley Earth “lead scientist” spreading more propaganda on Twitter.

Robert Rohde on Twitter: “Animated map showing the record high temperatures set at weather stations around the world between May 1st and July 31st.…”

Berkeley Earth is run by a fraudster who claimed to be a climate skeptic – in order to obtain funding.

I would love to believe that the results of Mann et al. are correct, and that the last few years have been the warmest in a millennium.

Medieval Global Warming – MIT Technology Review

I was never a skeptic

Richard Muller, Climate Researcher, Navigates The Volatile Line Between Science And Skepticism | HuffPost

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2 Responses to More Fake News From Berkeley Earth

  1. GW Smith says:

    He’s pleading as he was afraid of something. What might that be? A parallel might be, in Islam an apostate is more despicable than an unbeliever and first in line for beheading.

  2. Steve Parker says:

    That’s nothing. I’m willing to bet that 100% of reporting stations had at least one day above average during that time. Graph that. Or better yet, graph the number of reporting stations that had at least one day below average during that time. I’ll bet that would be 100% also, but it would look really scary.

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