More Off-Scale Fraud From The New York Times

The New York Times has become completely shameless with their climate fraud. They have a new web page which claims to show the increase in the number of 90 degree days “Than When You Were Born.”

The first place I tried it our was Martinsburg, West Virginia, which NOAA has data for back to 1926.  I entered 1926 into the New York Times web page, and a disclaimer popped up saying they don’t have any data before the 1960’s.

How Much Hotter Is Your Hometown Than When You Were Born? – The New York Times

Then they claim the number of 90 degree days has increased since 1960 from 21 to 27.

This is completely fraudulent.  According to the official NOAA temperature record, the number of 90 degree days at Martinsburg has decreased from 25 to 23 days per year since 1960. The New York Times graph bears no resemblance to the actual data.

But the New York Times fraud gets much worse.   Since the 1930’s, the frequency of 90 degree days is down by more than 60%.  No wonder they cut out the pre-1960’s data, which is readily available from the NOAA web site.

Instead of showing the actual large decline in the frequency of 90 degree days, they show an imaginary projected increase based on computer models – which don’t understand the past, much less the future.

So why did the New York Times cut out all data before 1960? Because 1960 was the low point since 1895. Journalistic fraud doesn’t get much worse than that.

Temperatures were very hot before 1960, as reported in the New York Times.

1896 Heatwave

Australia also had their worst heatwave on record during January of 1896.

TimesMachine: August 18, 1896

The 1901 heatwave killed thousands of people.

The 1911 heatwave killed thousands of people in New England and across the country.

Soviet Pravda had an 80% rule. Eighty percent of their propaganda had to be credible.  The New York Times is operating far below the old Soviet standard.

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11 Responses to More Off-Scale Fraud From The New York Times

  1. Joe in Wyo says:

    Great catch Tony.
    They don’t even try to hide their bias anymore….
    Simply fraudulent and unethical.
    It’s weird that they think we won’t notice or call attention to their deciept…
    I guess they don’t care. Oh well…
    Thanks for what you do……

  2. Anon says:

    The NYT used to be my former news source. This only confirms I made the right decision. (Unless Griff and Phil have some explanation. lol) Pathetic!!!

    • Johansen says:

      Just doing some light reading on “internal conversion and relaxation” :) That makes sense…
      Another Q: why doesn’t rainwater remove much of the atm. CO2, like it does SO2/SO3? The roughly 400ppm concentration gradient should drive some of it into rain droplets. Also, CO2 is quite soluble in water. Is it just a function of there not being enough rain?

      • cdquarles says:

        Actually, rain does scrub out some carbon dioxide, along with the sulfates and nitrates, too. That’s why natural rain is mildly acidic. (By the way, on Earth, natural water is never pure. Water will always contain some dissolved matter of varying chemical composition and concentration. This is also true of water ice, too.)

        The actual column carbon dioxide concentration is quite variable. Living things remove and add carbon dioxide to the air near the ground. Once aloft, it will diffuse away from sources, be blown away from sources, be absorbed by water and released by evaporating water.

  3. Squidly says:

    Holy crap Tony! … I went out to the NYT “How much hotter is your hometown…” website and played around a little bit. Talk about a bunch of complete and utter bullshit. I have to hand it to them, quite a fancy little web page for spreading nothing but complete bullshit. In addition to the fraudulent data, their projections have absolutely no basis in reality. 100% completely made up fantasy bullshit.

    Sorry to use the word bullshit so much here, but any other words simply escape me at this moment. I am astounded by what I have just seen!

  4. Gator says:

    They just make Trump look smarter, and more correct, everyday.

    Keep it up numpties! LOL

  5. Steelman says:

    I started out as a sceptic in 1990. Then, everybody bougth the lies in MSM, the printed. I love history, had read all about the MWP and LIA, following the new ice age scare in the 1970s. I sent letters to all the newspapers, protesting, pointing out the logic, and my letters was printed.
    What I knew then, is just a fraction of what i know now. They also had one hour debates on national radio, and anyone could call. I was on air, venting my frustration.
    Today, all debates are gone. Lies are published on a daily basis, no comment sections, and i know so much more now, than before. FB is a ver limited arena, but it’s at least a vent. I have my rants, even no one likes.
    Thanks to Tony, i know that it’s not only the LIA and MWP, but the warming from 1900-1940 cooling from 1940 to 1980 and the Arctic ice fraud. It’s not only NYT, its the whole MSM, globally

    • AndyDC says:

      Yes, there was definitely a cooling period from 1940 until 1980, so it is totally obvious and self serving for alarmists to cherry pick their starting dates during that period and ignore/deny all of the earlier heat!

  6. Gerkenstein says:

    Shared on Fakebook. I’m sure it will get shadowbanned quickly.

  7. Honest liberty says:

    Thanks. Been sharing your work with average folk who’ve never investigated this stuff. Hopefully it helps then break the spell of their faith in MSM

  8. Matthew Drobnick says:

    I don’t think my last comment posted.
    Their birthdate nonsense won’t permit process to 1960, which means they willfully chose the starting point for effect

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