More Spectacular Climate Nonsense From The Capital Weather Gang

The Washington Post Capital Weather Gang are constantly working to outdo themselves in the fake news climate hysteria department.  Their latest claim is that July was California’s hottest month ever recorded.

On fire: July was California’s hottest month ever recorded – The Washington Post

Average maximum temperatures in California this July weren’t in the top ten, and were four degrees cooler than 1931.

The frequency of hot days wasn’t in the top ten either.

Minimum temperatures were the least cold, but most people don’t consider 64 degrees to be “hot.” However, the warmth in minimum temperatures is most likely due to urban heat island effects around the thermometers, rather than climate.

But the junk science is worse than it seems.  California’s two hottest stations do not have any data prior to 1940 in the GHCN database, so they need to be removed to do a fair comparison vs. 1931.  When Needles and Death Valley are removed, California July temperatures are dropping sharply and this year was not much above average. July 2018 was five degrees cooler than 1931.

This sort of nonsense is standard practice for the Capital Weather Gang, who claimed the Arctic was “super hot” on a day when temperatures made it up to 0C for a few hours in a small region near the North Pole.

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