Racist Democrats

Democrats Dukakis, Clinton and Gore fired black women Omarosa and Brazille, just because they were dishonest and corrupt. So basically the same as all Democratic politicians. Check out this article from 2004.

Omarosa’s Long History of Being Fired | PEOPLE.com

Before getting fired by CNN and the DNC for getting caught while hacking the 2016 election for Hillary, Donna Brazille was fired by Dukakis for lying during the 1988 election.

27 Jan 2000, Page 16 – Standard-Speaker at Newspapers.com

Apparently it is only bad for black women to be dishonest and corrupt Democrats.  If they were white, they might be the party’s nominee.

“She was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

  • Hillary’s Watergate Boss  Jerry Zeifman

21 Nov 1996, Page 19 – The News Journal at Newspapers.com

Dukakis apparfently had some integrity, but now lying about everything is standard operating procedure for essentially all Democratic politicians.

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9 Responses to Racist Democrats

  1. Gator says:

    What a surprise, the party that focuses on skin color is actually racist. Who would have guessed?

    • RAH says:

      And expect to hear even more of it than usual due to Rasmussen poll. Trump only got 6% of the black vote in 2016. Last year at this time had 19% approval. Now has a 36% approval with black voters. If the self bound slaves are really leaving the democrat plantation the democrats will not be a national party anymore. Not only because of the lost votes but because it will mean that identity politics is failing despite the best efforts of their politicians, university indoctrinators, and their press. It also means the replacements for the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will never have the following they once did. It won’t be long before we see. In fact I believe an indicator prior to the election will be if NFL game attendance and viewership continues the noticeable decline from last year. The miserable viewership of the Hall of Fame game is not a good sign for either the NFL or the democrats.

  2. Johansen says:

    crooked hillary

  3. gofer says:

    Leftists explain why blacks cannot get an ID. They really have a low opinion of blacks and surprised they are open about it, but I am sure they think they are really being helpful.


  4. RAH says:

    BTW my company called and gave me my birthday present today. Go out Sunday and will be gone until Friday night running back and forth between Vandalia, OH and Auburn, NY with stops in Buffalo and Orchard Park, NY! They really know how to make a guy feel good!

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