Tamino Finally Admits That My Graphs Are Accurate

Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts

Richard Feynman

Tamino has acknowledged that my graphs are accurate, but says the data has to be tampered with because of changes in average station latitude. He also says we need to trust the experts.

USA Temperature: can I sucker you? | Open Mind

Rather than trusting the experts, let’s actually look to see if Tamino’s theories are correct. If we look at only the set of stations which were active in both 1918 and 2017, we see a nearly identical trend.

The average latitude of this set of 720 stations, has moved slightly closer to the equator, so it should produce an artificial warming trend and works against his theory. The average latitude changes, because not every station reports every day.

The percent of hot days at this stable set of stations has also declined.

Tamino also complains that I should include warming which occurred before the last 100 years, even though it had nothing to do with CO2. That theory doesn’t hold up either, because summer afternoon temperatures have declined since the start of records in 1895.

A few years ago, Tamino made a blog post saying that I was lying about increasing winter snow cover. He continues to bat 0.000, but his readers continue to believe his BS.

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

Tamino is making progress however, admitting that my graphs are accurate representations of the data.  Data tampering by NOAA is junk science.

Let’s see if Tamino posts my response.

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