The Japanese Urban Heat Island

Japan is a small country with a very high population density, dominated by large cities like Tokyo.

Most of the GHCN stations there are urban, and show a strong summer warming trend since the 1950’s.

There was a large jump in summer temperatures at the very hot summer of 1994.

I did some analysis of this trend, and noticed that stations away from Tokyo tend to show little of no summer warming since 1994, but stations in and near Tokyo show a lot of warming.

Away from Tokyo, cooling or little warming.


Tokyo – warming.


It looks to me like all of the summer warming in Japan since at least 1994 is due to urban heat island effects – as the population grows, the number of cars grow, the use of air conditioning grows, the amount of asphalt grows, etc.  This is quite likely the same problem with many other countries.

The only large temperature record I trust is the US, and that one is massively tampered with to comply with the global warming scam.

Raw NOAA Data      Adjusted NOAA Data

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15 Responses to The Japanese Urban Heat Island

  1. Josh says:

    Where would the scam be without UHI? 0 warming since 1930s?

    • RAH says:

      Reliant upon more “adjustments” for TOBs I would reckon. They are going to put out the information they want, truth, honesty, integrity, and science be damned.

      I mean, lets look at the reality. After 30 years of this crap their scam has failed to sway people to willingly sacrifice their standard of living which is reliant upon fossil fuels. In fact it appears they are losing ground. And yet they keep at it.

  2. Mike B says:

    I lived in Santiago Chile for three years and everybody swore it was ‘much warmer than it used to be because of global warming’. I also noticed that they never doubted ‘experts’ about anything, btw. I pointed out it might be because of all the new buildings and roads built in the last twenty years. Our apartment building would literally radiate heat almost until morning. The temperature away from the high rise area ( where normal two story houses and our office was) was always about 10-15 degrees cooler in the morning. Haven’t looked at the records there though. Just an observation.

  3. Brian D says:

    Someone at NOAA still sees the truth, at least until 2010 anyway.

  4. griff says:

    This year’s heatwave wasn’t entirely down to parking lots, was it?

    Nor was the truly extraordinary rainfall which preceded it down to lawn sprinklers…

    You might also cover the frequency and increasing intensity of European heatwaves…

    • spike55 says:

      Not down to any enhanced atmospheric CO2,

      That is FOR CERTAIN

      There is absolutely ZERO EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE to back up that farce.

      And you KNOW that.

      Your IGNORANCE and GULLIBLITY has surpassed all bounds.

      Your comments are those of a MINDLESS TROLL.

    • Gator says:

      Heatwaves are a result of weather Ms Griff. They happen.

      UHI is a known phenomenon that clearly raises temperatures where humans live, and have thermometers.

      Why are you a science denier?

      Why do you lie so much?

      Why do you hate poor brown people?

      • TimA says:

        “Why do you hate poor brown people?”…..he/she obviously subscribes to the final solution that population boomers love….the one where the privileged survive and enjoy life on this planet because the mouth-breathing (and exhaling co2) useless uneducated masses are starved off….

      • Disillusioned says:

        I don’t think griff has ever made the connection. From his/her perspective, the question is simply a non sequitur pejorative that in no way applies to him/her.

    • Eli the Pit Bull says:

      It’s actually cooler away from the urban spraw, and urban areas make up less than 3% of the total land area in the US alone. So called scientist are doing it backwards as they favor urban thermometers that only make up 3% of the total land area. Instead of demonizing CO2 , which is making the earth greener, they should consider lighter colors for asphalt and roofing, as well as land use issues, like more green zones in urban sprawl areas.

      • Josh says:

        But this is anti-science! 3% is larger than the Contiguous USA land size! 3% is yuge.

      • RAH says:

        I am not going to dispute your #% figure but man, this truck driver is here to tell you it sure seems like there is a lot more urban area than that. What is the standard population density that defines what is considered to be an urban area and what is not?

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        they should consider lighter colors for asphalt

        Even if it was easy and practical, I don’t think we should do it. You see, most urbanites I know love the idea of anthropogenic global warming. They enjoy talking and complaining about it and they love the sense of intellectual and moral superiority it gives them over dumb folk in flyover country. They love going to bed every night knowing their lives have meaning and waking up knowing they are part of the resistance.

        Urban heat is the one thing they can feel directly and it gives them the certainty they are right and global warming is happening on their block. They have the right to pursue happiness and feel miserable about summer heat. You can’t just take that away. They would have to complain about something else.

        • RAH says:

          “They would have to complain about something else.”
          Like evil, racist, gun toting, homophobic, misogynistic, Trump and his supporters?

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