Global Warming Makes Dogs Bite

Steve Goddard on Twitter: “Stunning evidence

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  1. Johansen says:

    NBC…. let’s see, that’s where Matt Lauer, that squeaky clean “America’s Dad” guy was pressing a button under his desk to lock the door, and then dropping his pants… and the women were obliging him in order to keep their jobs. Then they were PAID OFF and made to sign NONDISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS so that NBC’s News Chairman – Andrew Lack – wouldn’t lose his job, too…. even though this had been going on for a decade with his APPROVAL… I just thought I would point out the HYPOCRISY of these people now calling for Trump’s arrest and electrocution

    • arn says:

      Weinsteins also had nondisclosure agreements
      but after their company was closed they stated that all non disclosure agreements became invalid.
      (but they forgot to mention that they made new NDA’s with several ‘ladies’).

  2. Squidly says:

    Oh, well then .. that does it!!! .. I’m handing over my bank accounts to the Climate Nazis so they can save the world from dog bites!

    Holy crap, who would be so stupid to even publish this sort of drivel? . much less write it in the first place.

    • Anon says:

      There is also a positive correlation between long term stock market valuation and atmospheric carbon dioxide, but we never hear about that. You would think that as being able to predict the stock market is the “holy grail” of predictive statistics, that CO2 would eventually be factored in, but it has yet to be. Lots of scientific work still to be done… !!!

      • ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N says:

        I’ll correlate it. Just pay me!

      • Louis Hooffstetter says:

        And don’t forget about the strong positive correlation between shark attacks and ice cream sales. I’m not sure how CO2 figures into it, but I’m sure Katharine Hayhoe will educate us in the next National Climate Assessment.

  3. Gator says:

    Apparently global warming also makes researchers, experts, and doctors say stupid shit. My model shows it is an exponential relationship.

    • arn says:

      People can say whatever they want about co2 and marganilize&downplay it as climate gas,
      but in turning ‘experts’,journalists and celebrities into
      idiots and zombies it is unmatched.

      The more co2 in our atmosphere the more bizarre they behave.

      (+we need to give some credit to the author that he did not blame trump
      for the rise of animal bites-i’m pretty sure it was incredibly hard for the stanford guys to resist blaming him)

      -my primitive theory is.
      They are right that the number of byts and bites will increase as the uncontrolled increase of population with illegals and the increase of homeless people the number of “bites” will logically rise as the number of animal-human encounters will rise.
      Combine that with the massive increase of fesces on the streets(this cultural enrichment)and the number of infected rats and other animals will rise and those animal tend to bite more than healthy ones.

      But as soon as you to gated communities with a constant human:animal ratio there will be no increase in bytes.

  4. richard says:

    yep, I have noticed when I visit Seville in the Summer , one of the hottest cites in Spain, that the dogs become violent and are running around the city unchecked, biting everyone in site. Return to London and the dogs are docile – amazing that.

    • Gator says:

      The Arctic Fox no longer has even a mouth. Millennia of cold has resulted in completely bite free behavior, and they have evolved, gaining nourishment strictly through osmosis.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        True. Even the common Red Fox adopts a bite-free posture when sufficiently cooled but it’s a bloody mess when it warms up again.

        • rah says:

          Saw a Red Fox road kill coming home from Maine yesterday. Rare.
          Four days out this week on the team run up to Columbia Falls, ME and back. A place that wasn’t listed in my Atlas that is about 5 miles north of Columbia, ME.

          Brought back 3,764 wreaths bound for the cemeteries at Ft. Sam Houston, TX and New Braunfels, TX for

          Though any more I hate teaming, it was an honor to be chosen for such duty. They were behind the eight ball on the time and Charlie and I came through. There will be 1.5 million wreaths put on Veterans graves starting this weekend. All will be placed by volunteers. Drivers and trucking companies from across the nation provide the transportation for the wreaths free of charge.

          The area in NE Maine where they harvest the balsam pine bowes has three primary employers. A blue berry farming company. A Foods company. And the company that does Wreaths Across America.

          If you haven’t seen fields of blue berry plants in the winter it is quite awesome. The plants turn red and the contrast with a light covering of white snow is strikingly beautiful.

          The people at Wreaths Across America treated us wonderfully. They fed us while we were there and provided a heated lounge to wait in. Truckers and companies from all over the nation were there to pick up wreaths for delivery. It was 24 hours before we got loaded because there was such a back log.

          When we pulled in at the terminal at our company in Anderson the next team that would take the wreaths to their ultimate destination was waiting.

          There are parts of America that need to be made great again but where I was at this week wasn’t one of them.

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            There are parts of America that need to be made great again but where I was at this week wasn’t one of them.

            America’s journalists should aspire to the clarity of your thought and word, RAH.

          • rah says:

            Ironic that the largest part of the wreaths we hauled were bound for Ft. Sam Houston, TX.
            It is a post where I spent about two of my years in the Army. First for medical training and then in my last tour before I got out as an instructor at the longest portion of the SF Medic course.

            I know that whole post like the back of my hand. It is old Army. Was home of the US cavalry at one time. The last of the great Apache war Chiefs, Geronimo, and some of his warriors were held prisoner there in the old quadrangle while the US Government decided what to do with them. During the Spanish American war Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders trained there. Black Jack Pershing used it as his base of operations for the expedition in the Mexico in the years prior to WW I. Patton, Eisenhower, and McArthur all were involved in the expedition and all passed through Ft. Sam Houston. Practically every officer of note in the old Army spent some time at Ft. Sam Houston and the Wright Brothers demonstrated their military flier there, taking off from the parade ground.

            Don’t get the idea that those wreaths are going only on the graves of those from the past. Ft. Sam Houston has been and remains the US Army’s HQ for Health Services Command. It is where all the medical types in all the different specialties are trained. And the Hospital there is far larger and more capable than any other in the US military including Walter Reed. It is the jewel of all the military hospitals. The burn center there is the best in the world and believe me a visit to the burn wards is an unforgettable experience. The worst of the worst cases of all types from all the branches of the US military are sent to that hospital at Ft. Sam Houston. So some of those wreaths will no doubt go on the graves of men and women that relatively recently suffered the worst kind of wounds imaginable while in the service of their country and despite the best care available anywhere did not survive.

  5. R2Dtoo says:

    The number of institutes and departments of environmental science/ climate change/sustainability has ballooned. There are so many grad students and postdocs that finding thesis topics is difficult. Next up is the ability of five-legged ants to swim in the increasing and projected floodwaters caused by climate change. Conversely, or next year, it could be how five-legged ants are at risk owing to prolonged drought caused by climate change. Funding is not a problem – yet.

    • Johansen says:

      good grief, what do all these people do for a living once they leave?

      I maintain that Tony has laid the groundwork for *dozens* of really great dissertation topics, and he’s done a lot of the grunt work already.

  6. Russell Cook says:

    Man. If only the list of all the things AGW is responsible for wasn’t so large and unmanageable when it comes to collecting it all and keeping links up-to-date.

    “A complete list of things caused by global warming”

    “Salwan: Global warming may affect dog’s health”, March 16, 2009, warming has been blamed for everything from an increase in hurricanes to rising sea levels and polar glacial activity. Could it also be affecting the health and well-being of your dog?

  7. Gator says:

    I’m waiting for Phail and Ms Griff to decry these ridiculous claims. Waiting…

  8. Thomas Englert says:

    It depends on the breed and training.

    My dog doesn’t have much fur, likes to lay in the sun year-round, so I think I’ll be o.k.

    • ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N says:

      My cat isn’t affected by Climate Change™©® at all (it actually owns my neighbours but likes to own me better) and amazingly continues to beg for food and cuddles unabated. So my diagnosis is that dogs are obviously stupid to kowtow to climate-related studies.

      Now I just need to plug all this into a computer model to get paid and fawned over relentlessly.

  9. pseudo-intellectual says:


    Animals won’t let me get close to them these days.

    Global warming?

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