New Video : 4,240 Days Until The End Of The Earth

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  1. Only the other day I was laughing at Australia for nearly being so idiotic as to lead the lemming-rush over the cliff and thereby demonstrate to the rest of us how utterly insane the climate cult ideas are.

    Now we hear that the UK under the disgraced PM May is going to take that honour of leading the charge of the numpty brigade.

    Fortunately, for everyone else in the world, we in the UK have a civil service who will take whatever legislation the idiots in parliament give them, and will start to put it into action … no matter the cost.

    We already know the price of “over £1trillion” is being openly talked about. We sceptics know that the actual cost – when everything is taken into account – may be an order of magnitude higher (£500,000 per household).

    So, this is it … we in Britain … once the greatest nation on earth … will be sacrificed by our numpty politicians and will soon have the economic “prosperity” of a third world country … indeed the only way that those of us who (may) be on a pension at that time (if they don’t raise the pension age to 100) … the only way we’ll be afford to live will be moving to a third world country … although logically that might be the UK (scratches head!)

    • MGJ says:

      Well said.

      Who needs Communists to ‘smash capitalism’ and destroy freedom when we’ve got a desperately weak, failed PM who cares about nothing and believes in nothing, hoping to build a legacy with her final roll of the die.

  2. Phil Salmon says:

    Winter 🥶 is coming.
    With it an army of white walkers.
    Led by their High Zombie Lords,
    Paul Ehrlich and Al Gore.

  3. Jdh says:

    Beautiful. But this can change in an instant. Climate change is a long, slow process. There are many other extinction level events sneaking up on us that are a lot more immediate.

  4. David A says:

    Such as?

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