The Famine Of 1876-1878

The worldwide drought and record heat of 1876-1878 killed fifty million people.

A freak 1870s climate event caused drought across three continents | New Scientist

Late Victorian Holocausts: El Niño Famines and the Making of the Third World , Davis, Mike –

SNAFU!: The Southern India famine of 1876–78

North China famine, 1876-79 |

12 Jul 1878 – INDIA. – Trove

It has been clear since the 1980s that the 1877-78 El Niño was intense. “Now we have a lot more data,” says Singh. “This event was the strongest El Niño that has occurred since the 1850s.” Sea surface temperatures remained high for 16 months. That makes it bigger than the huge El Niños of 1997-98 and 2015-16. A nexus of impacts But that’s not all. In 1877 a second climate cycle, the Indian Ocean Dipole, was active – meaning the western Indian Ocean was warmer than the east. This typically weakens India’s monsoons. “It was the strongest Indian Ocean Dipole on record,” says Singh. The Atlantic Ocean was also unusually warm from 1877 to 1879. “Following the El Niño, it peaked to the most extreme temperatures on record,” says Singh.

A freak 1870s climate event caused drought across three continents | New Scientist

This came at the peak of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation.

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

New South Wales’ all-time record temperature of 127F occurred on January 17, 1877.


There was no winter in Minnesota that year.

19 Mar 1878, Page 2 – Star Tribune at

Australia had record heat.

14 Jan 1878 – Great Heat in the Interior. – Trove

China had a famine which killed nearly ten million people.

15 Jun 1931, Page 6 – Montana Butte Standard at


And there was universal drought.

28 Jan 1878 – UNIVERSAL DROUGHT. – Trove

29 Jan 1878, Page 7 – The Sydney Morning Herald at

31 Jan 1878, Page 7 – The Sydney Morning Herald at

24 Jan 1878, Page 7 – The Sydney Morning Herald at

02 Mar 1878, 6 – Daily News at

07 Jun 1878, Page 7 – The Sydney Morning Herald at

12 Jun 1877, 4 – Express and Standard at

02 Feb 1878 – YARRAWONGA. – Trove

20 Dec 1878 – Deadly Heat. – Trove

14 Sep 1878 – Great Heat at St. Louis. – Trove

23 Feb 1878 – BRISBANE. – Trove


11 Jan 1878 – THE EXCESSIVE HEAT. – Trove

This didn’t suit the agenda of climate alarmists, so Michael Mann is now trying to erase the AMO.

The Rise and Fall of the “Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation” | MICHAEL E. MANN

NASA has also erased 1878.

As of the year 2000, NASA showed no net warming from 1870 to 1979, with 1878 being the warmest year.

But they now hide data before 1880, and show about 0.7C warming prior to 1980

This animation shows how they have altered the data

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8 Responses to The Famine Of 1876-1878

  1. william says:

    Vs today- the World Obesity Federation state a third of the world is now obese and a problem in every country in the world.

  2. Solar Mutant Ninjaneer says:

    This is outstanding documentation of history and science, showing that compared to 1876-1878 the present is relatively benign. Thanks for reminding me how good we have it weather/climate wise.

  3. Michael Peinsipp says:

    People who live in AC homes with Clean running water, sewage systems and most are at least 5lbs overweight complain about…what we will never know.
    One thing is for sure – they are Sheep.

    • Douglas Hoyt says:

      The better life gets for most people, the louder the complaints come from a small portion of society. It seems like they complain because of envy or because the ease of life makes them bored, with nothing better to do.

  4. GWS says:

    To most people on earth, the world simply didn’t exist before they were born; just stories in school, myths, and old legends not worth bothering about.

  5. kzvx says:

    Keep exposing these crooks, Tony.

  6. Rah says:

    They lie in so many ways. Joe Bastardi notes that the average ACE intensity of named tropical storms this year is 3. Back in the 50s it was 10. And 10 years ago it was 8.2.

    This is because the NHC is naming storms that would never have been named a few years ago. The obvious intent is to increase the number of named storms to give the impression that tropical storm activity is increasing when it isn’t.

  7. Ulric Lyons says:

    There is a teleconnection linkage between El Nino episodes and major warm pulses to the AMO, with about an 8 month lag, e.g. in Aug 1998, Sept 2003, Aug 2005, Aug 2010, Aug-Sept 2016:

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