30% Of GISS Global Warming Is Due To Data Tampering Since 2005

A reader has been saving GISS temperature data every month since 2005, and sent it over to me.

In 2005, Hansen showed about 0.55C warming from 1910 to 2005. Now he shows almost 0.75C warming over that same time interval.


2005 version   2013 version

The next graph shows alterations to the data since 2005 – almost 0.2C.

ScreenHunter_79 Mar. 25 06.56

Hansen is trying to create the impression of warming by progressively cooling the past, and progressively warming the present. The graph below shows how he used to adjust June 1915 upwards by 0.07C, but now he adjusts it downwards by 0.19C. Since 2005, he has progressively altered the June 1915 temperature by more than 0.25 degrees.

ScreenHunter_85 Mar. 25 07.20

The next graph shows how Hansen has progressively warmed October 2002 in successive versions of the GISS data. In 2005 he showed the anomaly at 0.46C, and now he shows it at 0.6C. There have been five upwards data tampering events since 2005.

ScreenHunter_86 Mar. 25 07.24

It seems safe to assume that there was additional data tampering going on prior to 2005, but we can see that about 30% of current warming is due to post 2005 data tampering by NASA’s James Hansen.

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17 Responses to 30% Of GISS Global Warming Is Due To Data Tampering Since 2005

  1. Sundance says:

    I like the graphic Steve. It’s starting to look like Hansen’s temperature teeter totter.

  2. Lance says:

    But its for “the cause”….

  3. Andy DC says:

    It only stands to reason, the greater the cooling, the greater the adjustments need to be to show warming. After all, the show (scam) must go on.

  4. Jimmy Haigh. says:

    This should be published in a peer reviewed journal. It should get through no problem – all the data has been published already. Give ‘The Team’ a petard on which to hoist themselves.

    • miked1947 says:

      It would not make it through “Peer Review” as the “Team” would be the reviewers!
      For evidence of that see Climate Gate.

      • Jimmy Haigh. says:

        Not all journals are reviewed by “The Team”.

        • miked1947 says:

          Most of those interested in global temperatures will be reviewed by the TEAM. E&E would possibly be the exception. However if it was not reviewed by the team, the team would use that as evidence of its lack of value.
          I know and many readers at this site know the importance of what Steven is providing! I know you are aware of the problems and costs others have acquired trying to get controversial results published.

    • papertiger says:

      Oh, I’m so sick of hearing about peer review and the team. Who gives a frack what fast Jimmy Hansen thinks or doesn’t think; says or doesn’t say; values or doesn’t value?
      He is a fracking crook. He needs to be behind bars.

      The main point is there is no legitimate justification, no real world process, where by a temperature stations data would be gradually adjusted, cooled in the past and warmed in the present. There is no justification beyond fraud for monthly adjustments of past temperatures to be made without posting archives of the original data.

      Frack the journals. (including E&E) The people who need this information are the GOP congressional delegation.

  5. daveburton says:

    Kudos to you and to your anonymous “reader.”

  6. As I’ve said before, it won’t be long before the history books will have to mention the “new little ice age” that occured in the 1930’s (using GISS as their source).

  7. suyts says:

    But, that’s just since 2005. How much tampering did he do prior to 2005?

  8. tckev says:

    When is his tampering passed the tipping point?

  9. Ray says:

    Can nobody get Hansen on t.v. and ask him to justify these adjustments?

  10. Other scientists working with Hansen resigned because instruments and sensors were defective, giving incorrect readings. The presence of many weather stations used in these tabulations had black asphalt parking lots built near them recently. This is not opinion. This is fact.

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