Anasazi Liberated By Marcott

The Anasazi returned to Chaco Canyon today, upon receiving news that Marcott has proven that the MWP never happened.

One or more of three intense and persistent droughts impacted some Native American cultures in the early-11th, middle-12th and late-13th centuries, including the Anasazi, Fremont, Lovelock, and Mississippian (Cahokian) prehistorical cultures. Tree-ring-based reconstructions of precipitation and temperature indicate that warm drought periods occurred between AD 990 and 1060, AD 1135 and 1170, and AD 1276 and 1297.

Possible impacts of early-11th-, middle-12th-, and late-13th-century droughts on western Native Americans and the Mississippian Cahokians

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5 Responses to Anasazi Liberated By Marcott

  1. crosspatch says:

    Not exactly on the topic but I noticed something pretty interesting and probably unintended in an article I was reading today about how vehicle impacts might be changing the evolution of various species of birds (or not). Buried in the article toward the end is a little blurb that suggests severe cold, not vehicle impacts, could be the reason for their findings.

    “New Scientist learned from Brown that unseasonable cold in May 1996 may have also affected the growth of the birds, in addition to killing off a significant percentage of the area population.”

    I don’t buy the notion that birds are evolving shorter wings. The ones they never find on the side of the road are the ones which get caught in the grille. I would suggest that a large number of the bird kills were never actually struck, they simply flew through the pressure zone created by the car and it burst their lungs, same happens with bats when the fly through the vortex created by wind turbines:

  2. crosspatch says:

    Anyway, what I found so ironic about the above is that we are pounded with hypothetical massive damage to various species due to global warming, and here we have evidence of mass kills of wildlife from a cold snap. I don’t think I have heard too much about massive wildlife deaths from a warm spell, except maybe fish in shallow lakes due to lack of oxygen.

  3. Pathway says:

    At Mesa Verde they grew corn, yet today that plateau is covered with juniper trees. A friend who lives at Dove Creek, which is a similar altitude cannot grow tomatoes. They would require a similar growing period. So how much warmer was it during the MWP?

  4. Don’t forget the USDA in their own reports list millions of birds,by specie, that they have Killed off.
    They list all different types of birds and this is just for 2009.
    Even the Audobon Society is cooperating WTF?
    Maybe the birds are somehow involved in emitting too much CO2 like the cows and need to be culled off . What lunatic reasoning is behind this crap?

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