Dessler : Texas Hot And Dry For The Rest Of The Century

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As you sit by the pool and sweat this summer, one book you should be reading is The Impact of Global Warming on Texas (University of Texas Press, June 2011, second edition). This book, written by a group of Texas academics, is a sober analysis of our state’s vulnerability to climate change — and the things we can do about it.

It is a particularly appropriate read as we suffer through the hellish summer of 2011. While it is unknown exactly how much human activities are contributing to this summer’s unpleasant weather, one lesson from the book is clear: Get used to it. The weather of the 21st century will be very much like the hot and dry weather of 2011.

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2 Responses to Dessler : Texas Hot And Dry For The Rest Of The Century

  1. Andy DC says:

    Hot and dry, cold and wet or anything else in between, it is entirely consistent with a warming planet (sarc).

  2. Traitor In Chief says:

    Well, consider the source…. and those beady little eyes and blank stare….

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