Maine Is The Canary In The Coal Mine

Global warming is now targeting Maine, the new canary in the coal mine.

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12 Responses to Maine Is The Canary In The Coal Mine

  1. Lance says:

    Hang on, they said Alaska was the canary…
    Does this mean the co2 moves around and targets certain areas?

  2. kbray in california says:

    Maine will be famous for “Naturally Boiled Lobsters”.


  3. gator69 says:

    The state’s record high temperature is 105F was set July 1911, at North Bridgton. But that’s pre 1979, before anyone knew how to read a thermometer.

  4. Perhaps Stephen King will write a book about Global Warming stalking the folks of Maine. Wonder what the villain will be called? He’s already done Pennywise;l maybe it’ll be Poundfoolish?

  5. tckev says:

    Thankfully the canary was saved. Now all is back to normal –

  6. It will serve the evil Bushes right!!

    On a brighter note I went parasailing off of Kennebunkport. When it was my wife’s turn, they winched her down into the ocean by mistake.

    The downside was that she had the camera on her!

  7. Andy DC says:

    It is unusual to have both the eastern and western US that cold at the same time. But entirely consistent with Earth having a fever. (sarc)

  8. LLAP says:

    Bill Whittle’s latest edition of “Afterburner” discusses a different canary in the coal mine:

  9. tckev says:

    According to US News today coffee is the new canary. With quotes like –

    “For most coffee drinkers, there’s no finer bean than Arabica… It accounts for most of the United States’ coffee consumption.
    Unfortunately, that species is particularly susceptible to climate change. In 2012, researchers at England’s Royal Botanic Gardens suggested that rising temperatures could make naturally occurring Arabica become a thing of the past, with nearly 100 percent of the places where it grows in the wild—mostly Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya—becoming unsuitable for the plant by 2080.”

    Yes more nonsense…

  10. Traitor In Chief says:

    Sunshine is bad bad bad for coffee. I’m going to start growing it in my backyard when I move to Panama.

  11. Jambon-X says:

    OH MY GOD! Global Warming must have just killed everybody in Maine!

    Oh the humanity!

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