Shock News : World’s Worst Heatwave Occurred At 304 PPM CO2

Hansen says that the probability of bad heatwaves is close to zero below 350 PPM, which must be why the worst heatwave in history occurred at 304 PPM.

Marble Bar heatwave, 1923-24

The world record for the longest sequence of days above 100°Fahrenheit (or 37.8° on the Celsius scale) is held by Marble Bar in the inland Pilbara district of Western Australia. The temperature, measured under standard exposure conditions, reached or exceeded the century mark every day from 31 October 1923 to 7 April 1924, a total of 160 days.

BOM – Australian Climate Extremes

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5 Responses to Shock News : World’s Worst Heatwave Occurred At 304 PPM CO2

  1. Rosco says:

    Don’t worry BOM will get around to adjusting those temps. There’s just too much sun at Marble Bar and we can’t really trust those records from the past weren’t measured in the sun.

    BOM just isn’t as far advanced in the temperature fraud as other jurisdictions but they’re working on it according to a spokesman on the radio awhile ago.

    • Marian says:


      Well you know. If it’s good enough for you mates to temp fraud in the WMO, NOAA, GISS, NIWA, etc, then it’s probably alright for the BOM. 😉

  2. ozspeaksup says:

    wow steven you found it 🙂
    I knew I had seen and read that and the same chart had longreach and? marla/ceduna or somewhere like that as a trio of record breakers,
    Just finding this is brilliant cos the Bom sure do NOT want people seeing it, specially after the utter tripe they released last week saying wed had a hottest run ever..
    pure crap and they damn well know it is.
    and being crap the media were on it like the blowflies they are.

  3. Andy Oz says:

    Australians are proud of our records, and this Marble Bar heatwave record is one of them. (Bit like funnel web spiders, taipans, great white sharks, and so on). We learnt about this in primary school.
    But for the BOM to get in a tizz over a month of hot weather versus 160 days! And then they fuss about a new colour for plus 45 degrees on their weather maps. What a bunch of lace blouses! They need to take a spoonful of cement and harden the f*** up.

    Australia is a bloody hot sunny place and has been for many thousands (if not millions) of years. In case no one at the BOM noticed, the Australian indigenous people have very very dark black skin. Because of the very hot and dry Australian climate! Nothing to do with CO2, ya pillocks.

    • Ivan says:

      Australia is a bloody hot sunny place
      Hellooooo. If it wasn’t, the natives would look more like Scandinavians.
      A few of these chardonnay-drinking shirt-lifters need to get out of their air-conditioned offices and take a look at the real world.

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