Another Hansen Fail : Global Temperature Not Responding To Changes In CO2

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Since earth hit Hansen’s magic number of 350 ppm CO2, global temperature changes have tailed off – and now have a negative slope. If CO2 is the Earth’s thermostat, then it is broken and someone needs to call the repairman.

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12 Responses to Another Hansen Fail : Global Temperature Not Responding To Changes In CO2

  1. Chewer says:

    Hmm, that’s why it looks so appropriate to see Hansen in hand-cuffs…

  2. Brian G Valentine says:

    I want some proof that the temperature “anamoly” was ever positive. Not just lip service.

    I want proof that this is not an artifact of differing methods of taking averages and changing locations.

    • Brian G Valentine says:

      I’ll answer myself: There is no proof, I looked at it. There is only an answer from the people who put it together: “Anybody who “denies” it is a “kook””

  3. Joey says:

    Umm…. the increase in concentration of carbon dioxide has not been linear. You’re compressing a lot of time on the left of the graph, spreading out much less time on the right, then pretending that they’re somehow equal.

  4. cosmoscon says:

    Thanks for linking to an earlier post showing GISS failed predictions, I’ll bookmark that one! But speaking of GISS, why has their site prohibited us from looking at the temperature station data? Are they busy cooking the numbers again or general website maintenance? Probably the former!

  5. Anaxamander Q. Gormlay says:

    Look folks, why don’t you just bend over, spread ’em, and pay Al Gore his ransom? Surely that will stop “Global Warming”, er “Climate Change” won’t it??? While we’re at it, lets dig up King Canute, clone him, and turn back the tide!!!

  6. rand richard says:

    Havent the feds worldwide been chem-trailing for over 15 years now??[n wisconsin] and we[ ARE] much warmer now then even 20 years ago let alone 50!
    People go watch on you-tube the free movie [WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING]
    Any body who asks why its not getting warmer doesnt live in the northern usa -doesnt look up to watch thegovernment planes spraying, and has his ignorant head up his but.
    BUT ITS OK-its only you and your kids now eating and breathing 65000 times the safe limit of ALUMINUM OXIDES

  7. Lou says:

    Since wild theories seem to be in vogue let me give you mine.

    Sometime around 1970 or so the evil bankers who run the world had a report from their scientists; many scientists are theirs one way or another. The bankers were told sometime after 2010 or so the earth would enter a pronounced COOLING period which could last decades and could drop average temperatures low enough to cause world wide crop failures on a continuous basis.

    Now this happened to fit into their planned time frame to to spring the NWO formal take over of sovereign governments and the financial system. So if this cooling period could be made a little stronger more chaos would result. Chaos is what they were counting on to enslave the world FORMALLY; they had achieved informal enslavement long ago.

    So a major imitative was launched to convince the world the earth would be WARMING and steps could be taken to force a lowering of temperature through Geo-engineering. We know the results.
    Our political scientists bought on and became politicians and left their science behind.

    The Geo-engineering was implemented and since about 1994 USAF tankers have sprayed over 200 million tons of aluminum fibers, barium and lord knows what else on us.

    So it just may be they have engineered another little ice age.

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