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One Hundred Degrees Of Global Cooling

Last week I was on the Yucatan Peninsula at 85ºF. Tonight I am in Colorado and forecast for -15ºF  If this trend continues, temperatures will be thousands of degrees below zero by springtime.

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Obama Hoping To Wreck Classic US Icon

Hey, Jeep fans. If you think the idea of a funky-looking, car-based Cherokee revival is offensive, have a listen to what might be in store for the next-gen Jeep Wrangler. Automotive News is reporting that as Jeep develops the 2016 … Continue reading

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Heidi Central Thinks Time Started In 1970

Twitter / SteveSGoddard: @afreedma Deceptive graphic, …

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Running Out Of Excuses

Hansen used (2008) used la Nina and Solar minimum as his excuse  for global cooling. Now there is no la Nina, no volcanoes, and the Sun is at solar max. What is the latest excuse from the Climoalchemists? Excuses are … Continue reading

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Harrie Antoinette Reid : “Let them Eat Cake”

Reid staffers exempt from Obamacare exchanges Washington (CNN) — Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, one of Obamacare’s architects and staunchest supporters, is also the only top congressional leader to exempt some of his staff from having to buy insurance through … Continue reading

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Global Sea Ice Area Highest In 25 Years, Fourth Highest On Record

Steve Goddard (SteveSGoddard) on Twitter arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/timeseries.global.anom.1979-2008

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If You Like Your Trillion Dollar Bailouts, You Can Keep Your Trillion Dollar Bailouts

WASHINGTON — The White House is offering more money to insurance companies as an incentive for them to let people keep insurance policies that were to have been canceled next year. The administration floated several proposals on Monday to “help … Continue reading

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Thing Of The Past Confuses Me

It has been so long since it snowed here (12 days) that I forgot to take my face mask out when walking the dogs last night. It was -12C with a 10 MPH wind blowing ice crystals into my face … Continue reading

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How Many Burning Teslas Per Nuclear Bomb?

Steve Goddard (SteveSGoddard) on Twitter

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Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me

Obama’s approval rating among young Americans is just 41 percent, down 11 points from a year ago, and now tracking with all adults. While 55 percent said they voted for Obama in 2012, only 46 percent said they would do … Continue reading

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