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I’m Happy To Be Out Of The Hot Climate I Suffered Through On The Yucatan Last Week

Fort Collins, CO Weather Forecast from Weather Underground It is actually completely overcast.

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Excellent News : Guam Hasn’t Tipped Over Yet

BBC News – US drops 2,000 mice on Guam to curb snake population [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7XXVLKWd3Q]

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Shock News : Obama Talks About Himself

Obama says he tried to answer Mandela’s ‘call’ – CNN.com No matter what the topic is, it is always about the boy who’s father abandoned him as a baby.

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Climate Change Blamed For Lack Of Severe Weather

https://twitter.com/CamRN_/status/409337844700680192 Call up your Senator, and demand a return of hurricanes and tornadoes!

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Harry Reid Gets $4,500 Increase In Health Care Premiums Under The Affordable Care Act

Reid said. “under Obamacare, my insurance costs me about $4,500 more that it did before” Today’s most popular story: Nevada’s Harry Reid says ‘CNN is wrong’ on health care report | Reno Gazette-Journal | rgj.com

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I Hope That Colorado State University Isn’t Using Any Evil Fossil Fuels

Fort Collins Weather Station Data Plots

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1988 Editorial : If We Don’t Listen To Hansen, It Will Stop Raining

Portsmouth Daily Times – Google News Archive Search

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2013 Had The Fewest US Forest Fires Since 1984

National Interagency Fire Center National Interagency Fire Center

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James Cameron Planning To Provide Endless Fun For Skeptics


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Tim Flannery Predicted An Ice-Free Arctic In 2013

Tim Flannery: Just imagine yourself in a world five years from now, when there is no more ice over the Arctic, when we stand under threat of a rapidly warming Arctic Ocean, when we’re starting to see the first destabilisation … Continue reading

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