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1924 Climate Engineering : Melt Greenland To Save The Planet

Papers Past — Evening Post — 10 April 1924 — TO SAVE THE WORLD!

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October 8, 1871 Fires Were The Worst In US History

If this happened now, the death toll would be tens or hundreds of thousands of people. Papers Past — Nelson Evening Mail — 11 December 1871 — AWFUL TORNADO AND FIRES IN AMERICA.

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Five Years Since Hansen Forecast 200 Feet Of Sea Level Rise And Total Polar Meltdown

NASA’s James Hansen, et al, on what’s needed to avoid a total ice-melt on Earth | Climate Science Watch Gaia celebrates the anniversary of Hansen’s brain damaged forecast, with near record global sea ice.

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Government Passing New Laws To Make You Safe

“There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that … Continue reading

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December 16 Global Sea Ice Area Is Second Highest On Record, And Highest In 25 Years

arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/timeseries.global.anom.1979-2008 It is closing in on an all-time record.

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Satellites Massively Perturb Sea Level

Climate geniuses tell us that sea level was rising about 1.8 mm/year until 1993, when it suddenly shifted to 3.2 mm/year. This amazing transition occurred exactly when satellites were launched to monitor sea level. The only plausible explanation for a … Continue reading

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NOAA Responds To My Query About Data Tampering

The recent addition of seven states since President Obama took office has necessitated scaling the average temperature proportional to the number of states, thus the 14% increase in adjustments since 2008. Similarly, the lack of states in the 18th century … Continue reading

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Hansen : Twenty Degrees Warming Possible In The Next Eleven Years

Global Warming Has Begun, Expert Tells Senate – Page 2 – New York Times

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72% Of Americans See The Federal Government As The Top Security Threat

Fear of government went down under Bush (as did unemployment) and shot up under the little dictator. Record High in U.S. Say Big Government Greatest Threat

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Obama Keeps A Promise!

The little dictator promised to make electricity prices skyrocket, and is poised to deliver on that promise. The debate over global warming continues to rage, and with numerous large clean-energy options gathering momentum, 2014 could be a year hot with … Continue reading

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