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Reality Is A Denier

I saw an interesting comment on a discussion forum the other day “Wood for trees is a well known denier site” Wood for Trees is a graphing site which allows you to plot out temperature data sets, among other things. Apparently … Continue reading

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Over The Last 8,000 Years, Sea Level Has Risen 14 Metres – While Temperatures Declined

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The Antarctic Ross Ice Shelf Retreated 15 Feet Per Day Between 1900 And 1930

21 Jul 1932 – A Warmer World.

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Always Downwards And Backwards At NASA

NASA data tampering is a continuous work in progress, and almost always involves cooling the past and warming the present. The graph below shows changes to the US temperature record that have been made just since April, 2012 Current : data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/graphs_v3/Fig.D.txt … Continue reading

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Permanent Drought Hitting Hayhoeville Hard Again Today

NWS Enhanced Radar Mosaic: South Plains Sector Loop

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50% Of Five Year Old Sea Ice Was Lost Between 1988 And 1996

  During the winters of 1988-1996, strong winter winds pushed most of the older ice out of the Arctic, where it melted in the North Atlantic. Those winds have changed in recent years, and now the amount of older ice … Continue reading

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Climate Scientists Always Trying To Rewrite Their Own History

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They Warned Us This Would Happen

Three to five year old Arctic sea ice has morphed into a giant T-Rex

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Climate Scientists Confused About That “Down Under” Thing

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Time Is Running Out : Apply For Obamcare Now

New Improved Obamacare Website h/t to Dave G

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