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GISS 1997 Global Station Data Showed That CO2 Sensitivity Was Almost 3X Higher Below 310 PPM

According to GISS 1997 global data, temperatures responded to increases in CO2 much more rapidly below 310 PPM.   Archived here : http://www.giss.nasa.gov/Data/GISTEMP/GLB.Ts.txt

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Global Warming Theory Busted By Archived GISS Data

The web archive never forgets. In 1997, GISS showed that about three-fourths of global warming occurred prior to 1940. In other words, global warming started before CO2 started rising significantly, and recent global warming coincided exactly with the PDO shift … Continue reading

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45% Of GISS Global Surface Trends Are Due To Data Tampering Since 2001

I found this 2001 version of the GISS global station graph in the web archive. Note that the 1880’s used to be just as warm as the 1960’s. NASA Goddard Institute: Surface Temperature: Graphs Here is the current version. Note … Continue reading

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Santa Obama Wants You To Spend The Last Of Your Christmas Money Saving His Ass

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NASA : Cooling Down The Whole World’s Past

Dave Burton sent over a bunch of archive links which have turned up some more history of NASA’s data tampering. The graph below shows NASA’s 2004 version of global surface temperatures in red, and current version in green – normalized … Continue reading

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NASA : Cooling The Past Down Under Too

Prior to 1960, people all over the world always read temperatures too high. This was probably because they were very short and had to look up at the glass thermometer. http://www.giss.nasa.gov/data/update/gistemp/graphs/FigB.txt data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/tabledata_v3/ZonAnn.Ts+dSST.txt

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Phil Shows That He Is Just As Good At Rewriting History As Jimmy And Tom

In 1975, the National Academy of Sciences showed that global cooling had erased all 1900-1940 Northern Hemisphere warming. CHILLING_POSSIBILITIES That didn’t make for a very good story, so Phil Jones erased half of the 1910-1940 warming. HadCRUT4.png (630×730) Next graph … Continue reading

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1986 : Leading Experts – 6 Degrees Warming By 2010, Eight Degrees By 2030, With 4.5 Feet Of Sea Level Rise

Average global temperatures would rise by one-half a degree to one degree Fahrenheit from 1990 to 2000 if current trends are unchanged, according to Dr. Hansen’s findings. Dr. Hansen said the global temperature would rise by another 2 to 4 … Continue reading

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1982 : Global Warming To Bring Lions And Elephants To England, And Drown Major Cities

Dr. Hansen said the probability was that a warmer climate would make some places wetter while others were likely to be drier than today, but that it was too early to say which effects any given region would experience. Several … Continue reading

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1982 : Hansen Said Mann-Made Global Warming Set To Begin

WARMING OF WORLD’S CLIMATE EXPECTED TO BEGIN IN THE 80’S WASHINGTON, Jan. 6— Mankind’s activities in increasing the amount of carbon dioxide and other chemicals in the atmosphere can be expected to have a substantial warming effect on climate, with the … Continue reading

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