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2013 : The Year Climate Science Went Full Criminal

Check out this whopper in the Guardian today Planet likely to warm by 4C by 2100, scientists warn New climate model taking greater account of cloud changes indicates heating will be at higher end of expectations Professor Steven Sherwood, at … Continue reading

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1950 : Melting Of Polar Ice Indicates Radical Change In Climatic Conditions

04 Mar 1950 – It’s even hotter near the pole NASA has recently erased almost all pre-1970’s Arctic warming .

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1950 : 100 Years Of Global Warming Threatens To Drown The Coasts

15 May 1950 – Ocean Levels May Rise As World Gets Hotter “The … CRU now shows none of the 1850-1910 warming which the US Weather Bureau reported in 1950. HadCRUT4.png (630×730)

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1940 : 20 years Of Unprecedented Global Warming Across The Globe

16 Mar 1940 – World’s Climate Hotter

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1901 : Alarming, Permanent Climate Change Causing Great Heat Waves

28 Sep 1901 – WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO! July, 1901 was the hottest month in US history

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Genius Climate Scientists Take Second Boat Down With Them

A rescue mission for a ship stuck in ice in Antarctica is under threat as reports have emerged that one of the assisting vessels may itself be stuck. Fifty-two passengers and four crew members were due to be evacuated by … Continue reading

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Canadian Cities May Set All-Time Record Low Temperatures This Week

Mann-made global warming strikes again. “Where the sky is clear all night and winds become calm, temperatures along the United States/Canada border could drop to minus 30 F,” AccuWeather.com Canada Weather Expert Brett Anderson said. Some major cities in Canada … Continue reading

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A Special Thanks To All The Progressive Nutcases Out There

Without all the climate morons, and particularly our Manchurian Candidate president, I wouldn’t have anything to write about.

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Understanding Equal Justice

In the US, a six year old kid will get suspended from school for biting their cookie into the shape of a gun – but a president who lies repeatedly and costs tens of millions of people their health insurance, … Continue reading

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Settled Science Update

Antarctic ship passengers to be evacuated by helicopter

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