Double Your Climate Science

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Double your pleasure, double your fun, double your trend – just by altering the data.

GISS has nearly doubled the 1927-1997 surface trend since their 1997 data publication, by warming post-1960 temperatures and cooling pre-1960 temperatures. The past has magically changed.

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So what exactly were they selling in the ad at the top of the page?

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21 Responses to Double Your Climate Science

  1. NotAGolfer says:

    In reality, they are lowering past temperatures much more than adjusting new ones upward. It appears they are adjusting newer temperatures upward because of their choices of baseline years and by plotting anomalies instead of temperature data.

    If they were adjusting new temperatures upward, they would have to continue adjusting newer ones upward and upward, which is harder to do without public notice than adjusting older temperatures downward.

    • It is easy to check current temperatures, so they can’t cheat on these.

      But how many people know where to get old temperature data from? That’s why they cheat and lower older data.

  2. Gail Combs says:

    They can not mess too much with present temps because of the satellite data so the adjust the data from the non satellite era.

  3. darrylb says:

    Completely off subject, but in the State of — Address, I did not hear an apology for those who have lost their insurance, or for the lives lost at Benghazi, and I never heard mention of the increasing presence of Al Quada (sp?) which while increasing in presence is simultaneously on the run.

  4. Cheshirered says:

    …….and your ‘President’, your ‘media’, your ‘scientists’, all stand by and knowingly say and do precisely nothing.

    The likes of Steve Goddard are giants among pygmies.

  5. darrylb says:

    Well Cheshirered, As to the President, I have to agree 100% as to the media, I am about 90% in agreement, Fox news, most of the time, tells it like it is. As to the scientists, more are gradually coming around. I have been in contact with perhaps over 100 in the U.S. and some around the world.
    Many look to authority, just like the general public and although they may be involved in some perspective regarding changes in climate, they know very little of attribution or history of change, atmospheric physics and the like. This is also true of most scientists around the globe.
    My background is in physics, chem and math and it is quite easy to determine that very few know much at all, and after five years of study, I am still somewhat of a babe in the woods compared to the few that do.
    Some, that open their mouths all the time, like the boys at skeptical science, (they did the last bogus 97% consensus joke) are just trying to make an impression
    Among the most honest and knowledgeable, they admit that too little is known, that there is a great deal of uncertainty, that observations do no match the models (more than just the temps)
    that the amount of change that is anthropogenic is probably quite small, and that most things we might choose to do to mitigate change would be harmful and of no benefit
    How this all got sold is an interesting study of human nature. But, to be sure, for the media, bad news is good news and good news is no news!

  6. darrylb says:

    Cheshrirered, May I inquire as to where you call home?

  7. darrylb says:

    From Steve, I get an endless supply of data—-which I appreciate. Of course he makes me lazy by doing it all for me (us)

  8. gator69 says:

    “It’s Magically Pernicious!”

  9. Andy DC says:

    Main alarmist talking points about this blog.

    1. Your real name is not Steve Goddard
    2. You are getting massive funding from Big Oil
    3. We are real scientists. You are not a real scientist.
    4. You have never had anything published in a pal reviewed alarmist journal
    5. You don’t care about our children and grandchildren
    6, There is a consensus that there is warming among 97% of alarmists
    7 Inceasing ice is caused by deceasing ice in the same manner that warm causes cold and snow
    8. Only real scientists understand how #6 actually works. You are too stupid to understand
    9. Only real scientists know how to properly adjust data. You are too stupid to understand
    10 How dare you use raw data, uncorrupted by UHI and expert adjustments!
    11. The UHI affect does not exist and if anything has decreased over time
    12. The cooling of the 1960’s and 1970’s never happened nor was there an Ice Age scare.

  10. Andy Oz says:

    GISS’s Gavin Schmidt is confusing the poor munchkins at the Australian BOM.
    He keeps saying an huge El Niño is starting, and the BOM ENSO models say nuetral for next two years. Is it because the whole USA is freezing that he is trying to divert attention or is he just a complete dill?

    • Andy Oz says:

      Latest ENSO link in Australia.
      FWIW I’m voting that Gavin is freezing and a dill.

    • I’m still waiting for Hansen’s 2007 Super El Nino

    • Gail Combs says:

      Schmidt, Hansen and the rest of the ‘Team’™ know that without another huge El Niño the sheeple might just figure out Climate Scientists have been telling porkies so the politicians and their crony capitalist buddies can con them out of more of their wealth. So the whole team is praying for an El Niño while Mother Nature laughs at them.

      If you look into the paper presented by Labitze, Kunze and Bronnimann, these major cooling spells, sub arctic air intrusion and record breaking low temps, sometimes called the Polar Express, have been during times of low solar output causing colder air aloft over the poles. During times of higher solar activity the air masses above the poles is warmer and the reduced differential does not allow these vorticies to grow in size and ‘Break-out’ over Canada and the USA.

      Right now the sun is at cycle 24 peak with four anemic sunspot regions.

      Meanwhile more ice is building around Antarctica giving us record SH sea ice in February (summer maximum melt season) linkand may be sending more cold water up the side of South America to the point where El Niño starts. You can see it happening in this image:

      Notice in the link of SH sea ice in February, the 1998 super El Niño season had some of the lowest sea ice.

      Bob Tisdale plotted a very strong drop in Southern Ocean SST around 2007 (the start of a very deep solar minimum ) –

      The drop in Southern Ocean SST is associated with record westerly winds and current along the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, by far the worlds strongest and the only one that connects all ocean basins.. The increase in current speed is also causing record upwelling of cold water. The record sea ice is causing record deep water formation rates due to salt rejection and dense water creation . The AMOC or the giant ocean conveyor belt begins in the southern ocean.

      I do not think the ‘Team’™ is going to be get their wish any time soon.

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